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    Does anyone own or had owned a .41 AE. handgun? What do you think of the caliber?
  2. The .41 AE was originally intended as a way of getting .45 ACP performance out of a cartridge that would function in pistols designed for the 9mm, Bear. They took a .41 mag casing, shortened it to 9mm lengeth, then rebated the rim to 9mm Luger dimensions, thus conversions from 9m to .41 AE would be relatively easy. Ammo has never been very plentiful for the caliber due to lack of bullets suitable for auto pistols, and most of the major pistol makers have dropped it in favor of the .40 S&W. Speer did develop its Gold Dot for the caliber.

  3. While it is a decent caliber Usrus the price of shell will make you regret buying it kinda like .357SIG or .45GAP

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    Sep 19, 2006
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    Beware of this one, Bear. The 41 AE is a great cartridge on paper, but there have been problems with available ammo functioning in the guns chambered for it. I would certainly advise against buying one without first trying out the gun for reliable functioning and also assuring a good supply of ammo. I have a TZ88 with barrels and mags for both 41 AE and 9mm. The gun shoots great as a 9mm, but when converted to 41 AE it has severe feeding problems with the factory ammo that I have for it. I have since heard that this is a very common problem with 41 AE pistols.
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    Thanks for the info. I wasn´t interested in getting one, because that round does'nt exist here. But I wanted to know.