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  1. dammitman

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    Feb 1, 2009
    i have a question about conflicting data for 44 rem mag reloading. i am using both winchester 240 g bullets and nosler 240 g bullets both hollow point semi jacketed. the powder of choice is H110. the nosler info i have says to use 22.8 up to 23.8 g of powder and ALL would be compressed loads to a small percentage. i cannot find ANY info for the winchester bullets but going to hodgdons website it says to use 23 g to 24 g of powder but that is for a hornady XTP bullet. here is the problem. when i seat a nosler to get the correct OAL, it comes up and into the cannelure right about i the middle. if i seat the winchester bullet to the same OAL, it falls short of the cannelure to not even be in it and that would make a good crimp not possible. it i continue to seat the winchester bullet to get to the middle of the cannelure i have reduced the OAL more than .020 and that will change the compressed load to a higher percentage. what chould i do? what i see is that the winchester bullets have the cannelure higher than most all others and to use it will change the powder load density. any help with this is appreciated!
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    Feb 25, 2008
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    Well the short answer is if I had to decrease the the overall length, I would back off of the max charge. I always try to get most of the canalure in the case myself. If your using Lee dies and have the factory crimper die it's not that important. See how the suggested loads work(I mean the load data you have the specific projectiles for) Check the cases for signs of high pressure and then proceed with caution on the other projectiles. Hope that helps.
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