44 magnum long barrel handgun

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  1. wkfine

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    Jan 8, 2009
    I have a beautiful 44 magnum long barrel which has a dark black barrel with writing on the left side that reads: S.A. CAL. 44 MAG. The chamber that holds the bullets is also dark in color like the barrel. The trigger and the rest of the area is alot lighter in color. Almost a silver color with "swirls" and this color runs down the center of the grip. This "two tone" is most attractive. The barrel is 11 inches long. Underneath the barrel on the bottom has very small writing that says: A Uberti & C Gardone Italy This is followed by PSF with a star above it followed by AC inside a square followed by a tiny seal with another star above it. I can't make it out but it almost looks like a coat of arms with two tiny "crossed sabers" The serial number is next in line but upsidedown from the previously mentioned markings. It is only five didgits long starting out with 441 and I will keep the last two numbers to myself. Also I noticed that the two small "seals" with the stars over them are on the side of the bullet chambers in one place only. Can anyone tell me what I have, what all the "little seals" mean and why does it say "Iver Johnson"s-Fitchburg MASS on the top of the barrel and then has a referance to Italy on the other part. And then lastly, how much is this handgun worth? Please post any info here or e-mail me if any of you have the time. thank you very much, Kerry
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  2. 44-40 Willy

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    I can tell you it was made by Uberti in Italy, but don't understand why it would have Iver Johnson on it unless it was made for Iver Johnson by Uberti.

    I own a couple of Uberti black powder revolvers and have nothing but good to say about them.

    Hope this helps and someone can come along and provide further details for you.
  3. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Iver Johnson Cattleman Magum, Indeed made by Uberti for Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works. With the Iver name. 1973 to 1979. A very nice gun but the value is not super high. Around 200 in excellent conditon.The color you descriped is called " case hardened frame ". :)
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