458 win mag

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  1. many years ago i seen a guy coming out of a pawn shop and he appeared to be talking to himself,i asked him if he was ok.he told me he was pissed off because they were trying to rob him of his model 70 winchester.he was hurting for money and was mad because they would only go 200.00 on the rifle.i told him i wish i had the money to buy it and he asked how much i had.i had 210.00 on me,he said if i want it he would sell it to me b-4 giving it to them.well.............caliber unknown i bought it.the caliber was 458 win mag.he told me he only shot it once and gave me the box of shells that had 19 rounds left.i took it to range the next day and understood why he had ammo left.i have since shot hundreds of rounds thru it and for some reason most of my friends are happy enough to only shoot it once.im wondering if any body else shoots this caliber and what their thoughts are. old semperfi
  2. The_Rifleman

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    Feb 10, 2010
    LOL! That's a great story! I've never shot one but I'll try it once. :p

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    May 16, 2009
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    My buddy has one. Its one bad @$$ round. Love it.
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    Jun 16, 2008
    I have a Ruger no 1 in .458 Win mag. I love this cartridge as it's so versatile. I never shoot full power loads. I find a 350 gr bullet at 2100 fps to be quite enough for my shoulder. Oh, and it also does quite a job on wild hogs.
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    Jun 21, 2009
    Wow, that cartridge has over twice the energy of the .308 Winchester.

    Does that mean that, in a rifle of equivalent mass, the recoil would be twice as much? Or is the round energy calculated by, say, the kinetic energy equation whereas recoil is calculated using the momentum equation, so thus the scaling of velocities needs to be taken into account as well?
  6. jim brady

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Simla, Colorado
    old SemperFi - that .458? Sold mine last year. Had neck surjury and couldn't shoot it anymore. Was a converted 1917 Eddystone. How'd she shoot? kind of like at "Kills at one end and maims at the other".

    Full power loads are not fun to shoot out of a .458. I hit a steel gong at 200 yards with open sights the first - and last - time I shot full charge loads (500 grain FMJ at 2066 FPS). The experiance was when I touched off the round the entire world went white for a moment. That was off-hand with a very sound stance. Only shot it with cast bullets after that, and that was more like a 30-06 in recoil.
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    Feb 26, 2007
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    The .458 mag is like a .45/70 on steroids with a weight lifting belt on it. Itll turn an 1100 pound lion into pudding. I have only ever shot one ONCE, and it was more than I cared for as far as recoil. IF I ever decided to have one Id have a Vias muzzle brake and a 6 inch thick soft rubber recoil pad on it. :)
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    One of my brothers rifles. He's the Jones in the process. He also owns the .338 pictured on the sight. Both are based on the M1 platform.
    It's a beautiful rifle that has seen the African plains more than once.


    Richards' (the owner) stuff is pricy, but the quality is second to none.

    You really do get what you pay for.:)
  9. well folks i kind of thought i was a little crazy,i also load my 45/70 to close to 458 win mag standards a model 1871 h&r.i do not seem to mind the recoil at this point.i kind of get a kick out of others that seem to really think it kicks and refuse to shoot it again,thats is both my h&r and the model 70.i also shoot three different 44mags that i usually load with 300 grain bullets and i use one hand to shoot them.dont misunderstand what i am saying,i dont clain to be a superman its just that recoil is more like a rush to me than a problem.oh well,x-marine so i guess its not surprising.keep your powder dry....................old semperfi
  10. Eddie N

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    Apr 23, 2009
    Lucky you! I'd love to be able to afford one of these. Never shot one, but if I get one, it's dang sure gonna get shot more than once! I'll get used to it.
  11. jim brady

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Simla, Colorado
    Hey Eddie - Bless You. I'm sure you'd be able to go plinkin' with a .458 will full patch loads. I'm jes sorta a whimpy guy with only a medium threshold for pain. I shoot a .45-70 Trapdoor Carbine w/405 grain bullet and 55 grains blackpowder, 300 Win Mags, .44 mags and such, but I figure when the concussion of the muzzel blast with a .458 blinds me for a second that maybe my eyeballs and the parts and pieces in my head are trying to tell me something. But then I've never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed.

    Bought mine because I had a mess of bears denned up about 100 yards from my place in the Rockies, and every now and then one would get frisky. Had one kill and partially eat a logger a few years back. I never wanted to kill anything - man nor beast - but I wanted a .458 that would stop one of those critters in his tracks if I had to.

    So go ahead and have fun with that .458 and let me know how that works for you. Sorta regrett selling off the dies and brass - you'd have been more than welcome to them.