50 yd paper punching

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    Jan 11, 2010
    50 meter, try subsonic ammo ..

    but hey , ok ..

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    Std velocity is my choice as well. at or below the speed of sound of 1080 fps.
  3. evan03

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    Ammo is 1280 never tried subsonic. I wouldn't trust it on critters

    I was shooting at a paced 50 yds might been an actual 60 plus. How many yards is 50 meters

    Going to try another video tommorrow with difrent ammo

    Guess I just don't see the reason for me to shoot subsonic.
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    Had you shot some barrel fouling shots before those? My 10/22 takes around 10 shots on a clean bore before it settles down. Looked like your group tightened up as you went along. Looked like there might have been some wind gusts too.

    Here is a comparison of two targets from my 10/22 and I changed nothing but the ammo. I switched from CCI Mini Mag 40gr. RN to Wolf Match Target 40gr. RN. I fired 10 rounds of the Wolf into the dirt to foul the barrel before I shot the target. The CCI is high velocity and the Wolf is standard velocity.
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    Sep 4, 2011
    50 m is almost 55 yrds or 164 feet.

    When a standard or high velocity 22 bullet drops below the sound barrier (usually under 20-30 yrds) it gets disrupted in its stability from the transitional shock/buffer wave and will become somewhat erratic for the rest of the flight. Speed of sound is about 1126 fps at 69 deg F at a certain air pressure and humidity. If it gets colder the speed drops. Posted velocities on ammo are usually tested in 24-26" barrels. A shorter barreled rifle (to a limit)will often post higher velocities because 22LR bullets tend to lose speed after about 16-18" of barrel length...limited propellant. This and varying conditions is why match (subsonic) ammo is 1080 fps or less.

    Subsonics can be deadly on critters. I'm not talking coyotes here. But on birds, squirrels, rabbits and these kind of small game I take them out with head shots to 75 yards with subs all the time. A 40 g subsonic @ 1080 has 88 ft/lbs of energy @ 50 yrds and a high velocity 40 gr at the same distance has about 111 ft/lbs... 88 ft/lbs is way more then needed to anchor the above mentioned critters.
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  6. evan03

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    Thanks for the info guys.

    Ammo in the video is 36gr Winchester expert. Just what I had on hand. I can't remember what ammo this barrel liked. Going to go by some test ammo at Wally world today. I was having feeding troubles to that's the reason the video took so long. Barrel is plenty fouled. I never shoot in the dirt on purpose. If the barrel is clean I want to see were it prints. That way I don't scare game off with my fouling shots before I put the target dot on them.

    I completely tore down the rifle. I've Bern neglecting it the last few years. Yeah there was a decent off and on wind. But the group size fluctuating is more then Likly shooter error.

    For some reason unknown I'm germ back into shooting. I've been eyeing the bone stock 10/22 and 6-18 Leo I have in the gun safe.

    I Goya figure out these triggers. I had this one tore apart last night and did some stoning on it but it didn't make any improvements to speak of
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    Looks like the 1022T I traded for a 1981 Yamaha 3 years ago...it sucked too. Who chopped off the last 6 inches of your barrel??

    First error, thinking a 1022 was worth a dang...only Volquartzen makes precise 1022's in a factory, Ruger's factory sure as heck doesn't ;)

    Second, if you've bought a 1022, immediately replace all parts & barrel with aftermarket parts...
    what's that leave you with?? the receiver...oh, wait, you can buy a better receiver from elsewhere too!! (Razor & Tactical, Inc receivers!!)
    So, don't bother paying Ruger a DIME...just piece together a better 1022 from spare parts!!

    Or buy a VQ custom...looks & shoots WAY better, anyway!!
  8. All my pigeon, rabbit and squirrel hunting is done with 40 grain standard velocity ammo, dead is dead, you don't need a big bloody wound made by a hollow point to kill.

    Lose the bipod and get a Caldwell sandbag if you are going to be shooting for tight groups. My Harris bipod has been tried on several guns, it's a nice bipod but the last few years it has been on the top shelf way back in the corner of my closet gathering dust and I have no plans on resurrecting it.

    [​IMG][​IMG]This was a challenge match, 10 rounds at 60 yards, no warm up shots, no sighters, no practice targets, just load and go. Cheap Blazer CCI 40 gr bullets because its what I had on hand. Caldwell makes me look like a lot better shooter than I am. :D
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    Aug 15, 2011
    Evan, the best advice anyone can give you - IMO - is to buy a 50 round box of every different .22LR cartridge you can find and see what YOUR 10-22 likes best. Once you've found the round it likes best, buy as much of the same lot number as you can afford.

    Also, fire 20 rounds through the rifle BEFORE testing each different cartridge. That will lube the bore for that cartridge only.

    SAAMI, the ammunition industry's standards organization, states that 1135 fps is the upper limit for standard velocity cartridges although that is a VOLUNTARY limit and some makers exceed it a bit while still calling the cartridges "standard velocity". 1135 fps is on the ragged edge of supersonic velocity at sea level. Don't sell SV ammo short as it will almost always be more accurate than HV or hyper-velocity ammo and will do the job within it's range limitations. A SV hollow point bullet can be devastating on small game.

    My self-customized 10/22's - I have two - will both shoot 1/2 inch 5 shot groups at 50 yards from a bench using SV ammo. HV cartridges will stay under an inch. I suspect that your rifle will do just as well. After you've given other cartridges a try, please let us know what your rifle likes best.
  10. evan03

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    Great advice guys. Yes a sandbag would be sweet but I'm not going to drag it around hunting I punch paper with the bipod because that's how I kill game. A one group on paper means nothing in the feild 50 in a inch an a half does.

    Yes I need to find what my barrel likes. 5 years ago she was shooting more consistent groups after testing difrent loads.

    Earlier today I bought a few difrent flavours and will see how the do. The internals are also grime free ill be happy if its just more reliable.

    Back with results in a few. Offcourse the wind is blowing again
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    I noticed that you had some wind in your video. In a 10 mph cross wing a 22LR hi vel will deflect 1.7 inches at50 yards
    Also when testing my 10-22 different ammo made a great difference. I found out that CCI mini max 40 was the best followed by its cheaper brother Blazer at 1/2 inch.
    Other brands went from 1=1.5 inches. Ammo testing is very important with a 22 LR in EVERY rifle
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    Oct 14, 2011
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    As always Ammo brand does make a difference.
    My Henry22 loves Eley, My Marlin 39A loves WWSX, Remington Yellow Jackets.

    But I must say seeing my cousin shooting Black Walnuts off the tree then hitting them again before they hit the ground was impressive.
  13. montveil

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    That second shot is quite a feat.
    My older reflexes will not allow that kind of coordination, at least that's my story