67yrs old,good as new

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    Coming to the end of ww2 9mm in boxes of 16 rds.exc cond.no missfires,will be sorry when its all used up.Kestral

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    Er small point kestral, that's WW2 German stock. To a dealer and made inert those are quite valuable on the collectors market, the boxes as well.
    I realise your nearly out, but even the spent cases with good WW2 dated head stamps can be sold. If you kept any look into it or PM me for guidance.

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    Sorry Tranter UK,didn`t think anyone would be interested in used cases as they are mainly laq/steel. black bullet,headstamp St.13.41.va. The brass ones are headstamped OXO * 4 .41 have still got some used empty brass with this headstamp.if there any good to you.plus some live 7.92 rifle ammo & 20mm cannon shells.also have 20mm cannon with wooden heads.all dated 1940/42 etc.As we were occupied during ww2 it was all left behind as from May 9th 1945.Much was dumped at sea,but a lot was overlooked.Same with a lot of our handguns,they were brought here from Europe throughout the war,many very unusual as the occupying forces seemed to be able to carry any handgun from anywhere during that time.We are still finding them even today,hidden in all sorts of places.some near new,others very rusted.but the parts are useful.Hope to get a better camera soon,so any future pics should be clearer. Regards Kestral
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    Sounds like I should be down there with a spade and metal detector.

    Collectors love the WW2 and WW1 cartridges and the boxes. I was once given a large bag of old .303 to shoot off. I found they were all dated '15 and '16 and worth a couple of pounds each! Too good to shoot, though pulling them all was a bit of a pain. All that cordite.

    I actually gave up after a couple of hundred and shot the rest. Felt obliged to shout 'take that hun' after every clip.
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  5. Tranter, just curious: Why would you find it necessary to pull all those .303 rounds? Wouldn't they be even more valuable in original, loaded condition?
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    Law's again Pistol. Though you can get a collectors licence here it is not easy. Most who collect cartridges collect inert ones, and so need no licence. Collectable cartridges are pulled and emptied of the charge. The primers are then either oiled or fired and the bullet re seated. It's a pain with early .303 because cordite rods are quite tightly packed and sometimes have a card wad on top, very fiddely and hardly worth the effort.

    I have made many over the years for sale. I even have a 1941 dated box of inert .45acp Winchester 'for machine gun' cartridges along side my inert Thompson 1928A1. Sets it of nicely. :) Of course I would rather the cartridges and gun were live, but it's not possible here.

    It may be worth adding that not only are firearms closely controlled here, but live ammunition also. I can only buy live ammo for guns I own. Also there is a maximum quantity I can have at any one time, and they must be kept in a locked safe. All of which contributes nothing to the fight against armed crime as the gangsters seem to be able to get what they want when they want it despite the laws. Go figure.
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  7. Of course the gangsters can easily get what they want, Tranter. The only effect such asinine laws have is on people who abide by the law, not the ones who intend to ignore it. The logic--or total lack thereof--used by the liberals to justify such asininity would cause Aristotle to turn over in his grave.
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    All of which helps explain why I would love to get out of here. I am patriotic, I love my country, have served it and would again if asked but it is being run by the worse bunch of XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX imaginable.

    What I would describe as the liberal left have destroyed this place, undone everything we achieved over the last 1000 years, no easy task. Show me a place I can take my family, a democracy where people are free of ridiculous and restrictive laws, a place where hard work and application of the mind will bring reward and respect rather than jealousy and abuse. A place where as long as we don't offend or hurt others we can do as we wish..

    Opp's, sorry guys. Got carried away. Back to guns. :)