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  1. I finally broke down and ordered myself one of those CZ-52s that seem to be flooding the C&R market right now. The price is right and just about everything I've heard about these pistols has been positive. My question is, how does the 7.62x25 Tokarev round it chambers compare to more familiar cartridges like the 9x19 para, 9x18 Mak, and .380 auto in terms of effectiveness? Also, does any ammo maker load this round using hollowpoint or soft point ammo, and if so, will that type of ammo properly function in the CZ-52?

    Thanks for any input you might have! :)
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  2. The only comparitive article I have read about it was penetration they took a 9mm, 40 S&W, 45acp, 5.7x28 and the 7.62x25 and I can't remember the inches of penetratio on the other 4 but the 7.62 went thru the 12 foot long water tank, thru the other side and was not recovered.

  3. Thanks Southern. From what little I've read, the 7.52 x 25 Tokarev was most revered for its penetration ability. Kinda reminds me of the guy who . . . never mind, we won't go there. :D The light (85 grain) .30 caliber bullet and rather large powder charge seems to account for that. In fact, I read that some Soviet police preferred it over the Mak 9 x 18 for that very reason.
  4. It ain't exactly the same but the 7.62x25 reminds me a lot of the .357sig.
    They both are great at ranges where most calibers fall short. But it isn't a wide choice for home defense due to severe over penetration factor
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    just what I was thinking hate to shoot intruder and kill my neighbor too
  6. Yup, I've already reached the conclusion that it wouldn't make a very good self-defence firearm. I had planed to use it only as a range piece anyway.