7.62x39 Bullet performance?

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    i have seen some ammo that looks fmj.. but upon close inspection there is a small hole at the tip. this WAS 762x39 as well. maybee tiger or wolf. Probably a way to skirt the non fmj hunting regs in some areas.

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    Links to Surplus & hollow points.
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    Used a Norinco SKS years ago to harvest a few Ozark whitetail. Longest shot was 75 yds. Ammunition used in all deer encounters was WIN 123gr soft points. A few TX deer and hogs too boot. Broadside shots produced exit wounds, and all deer were one shot affairs. Recovered bullets expanded well enough, and retained an estimated 85% of their weight.

    Still have the ballistic info for the above factory load.

    MV = 2364 fps

    75 yards = 2113fps with 1219 ft/lbs of energy

    100 yards = 2033fps with 1129 ft/lbs of energy

    200yds = 1731fps with 818 ft/lbs of energy

    Note: Mine was not the carbine version.
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