7mm Dakota loads

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  1. m77user

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    Hello to all,
    I am new to the TFF and mostly computer illiterate. I am looking for anyone who shoots or reloads for a 7mm Dakota. I have one built on a Ruger 77 and was shooting 162 gr. Hornady Interlocks. Fed 215 and AA-3100 at 74.5 gr. It was very accurate but I am dissappointed to find out that AA-3100 is no longer available. I have tried IMR 7828 and H-4831 not as good as AA-3100. I would like to hear from anyone that has information particular to 162 gr Hornadys that they have loaded for. My Ruger is much more accurate than my old eyes are capable of. I started reloading when gas was 32 cents a gal.
    Thanks all from the Big Sky country.
  2. m77user

    m77user Well-Known Member

    Went to the range yesterday A.M. and tried some RL-22 in my 7 Dakota. Settled in at 74 grs. I am now going to shoot it at longer ranges as 100 yards was as close to the results I was getting from the AA 3100. Went from MOB to moa. Whats MOB? Minute of barn!!!
    Seems to have a little more recoil than the AA3100. I have not shot it in a while and am used to lighter calibers. Getting old. I will be buying a few more lbs of RL 22. Do not want to go through this again.

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