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    Military style weapons. hmmmmm

  2. I wonder how much time and effort it took the "fair and impartial" media to find a legitimate case of straw buyers purchasing US weapons to send to the cartels? If the Barry-Eric-Hillary Craptaular Axis of Crap and Stupidity is correct in their numbers, then EVERYONE in Texas should be buying guns for the Mexican dopers:rolleyes: Anyone with more than two functioning synapses can tell that this incident is a case of a bunch of scumbags trying to make a quick buck in an illegal fashion. But of course you know that this case will be thrown down in front of the rest of us as "proof" that we "need" another "assault weapons" ban.:rolleyes:

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    I sent an email... I'm bad! :D

    I'm sorry. I couldn't make the point any nicer... :eek:
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  4. Yes, you're evil. Go sit in the corner! no more guns for you:p:D
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    You sound like my wife... :D

    I have her talked into a .17 HMR but I think that's definitely IT for me for the year. I tried to talk her into an AR15 but then she saw the price tag... :eek:
  6. Tell me about it. At one time, I was trying to talk myself into an AR-15, until I really started looking at the pricetags. But I did end up talking myself into a WASR-10/63, so I guess it worked out ok;)
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    Okay, the article...disturbing with so many inaccuracies. But I do have a question, the "cop killer" term is thrown around a lot and this article seems to make it seem if its one caliber. I have heard of a 9mm round something like this. Is there a real "cop killer" round or is any bullet that exhibits said destructive power? Don't get me wrong. I don't want one just am always wanting to learn.
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    The simple answer is 'no'. In the 1990s, political airheads made a big stink because of the media calling 'teflon coated' bullets 'cop killer bullets'. These misguided non-technical journalistic idiots claimed that the bullets were coated to make it easier to pass through body armor. Because most Americans are not very literate with firearms (and understandably so), popular culture ran with the term. Nothing could be more inaccurate than the media claims about these bullets. The coatings put on some bullets, such as the now-defunct Winchester Black Talon was meant to decrease friction that heats the barrel and consequently affects accuracy and barrel life. The Black Talons were essentially identical to any other jacketed hollow point on the market but the name made 'media types' fear they could do impossible levels of destruction. Media accounts during the '90s called the Black Talon a 'buzz saw' that would spin and rip through your body. Some of those reporters either had a flair for the dramatic or were just horribly, horribly misinformed... or both.... ;)

    There are indeed bullets that can pass through typical light-weight police body armor. Most modern rifle rounds have enough energy and the right shape to pierce a typical police protective vest, and especially if the rounds are full metal jacketed. If the anti-gunners figure this out they'll likely go after every modern hunting round made. :rolleyes: I can't really imagine the how the gang bangers would shoot a Remington 700 sideways but I'm sure they'd try. :rolleyes:

    Here's some supporting information. :)

    From http://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp#ARMOR_PIERCING_BULLETS

    Also, on harder KTW bullets...

    From http://www.gunfacts.info/pdfs/gun-facts/5.0/GunFacts5-0-screen.pdf Page 44

    These terms are used by the media to incite fear because drama makes good news. 'Cop killer bullet' and 'assault weapon' are both media-derived terms. Adolf Hitler first coined the term 'Sturmgewehr' which translated loosely to 'storm rifle' to incite fear in his enemies, much like the term 'Blitzkrieg' for 'lightning war'. Modern media and politicians use the same tactic with 'assault weapon' and 'cop killer bullet'. Politicians feed off this false information as the basis to propose legislation on non-problems once the public is paying attention to the fear. :mad:
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  9. Don't forget that the old Tokarev round, the 7.62x25, will go through even a level 3 vest with the trauma plates in it. If someone wants to kill a cop badly enough, they will find a way to do so. Like any other criminal, they will find a way to commit their crimes, regardless of laws.:rolleyes:
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    85 grains at 1200 fps. Woopee!! This cartridge was designed in the 30's. Almost everything else in the self-defense market is better than this round. Maybe that's why the Russians don't use it anymore. This is merely fodder for the anti-gunners to use against us. Please stop posting obviously false info.
  11. I've seen a test myself. A 7.62x25 vs. a 9x19 both FMJ and both fired at a steel helmet of Polish manufacture. The 9mm bounced off leaving a small dent, the 7.62 went through both sides. The 7.62x25 FMJ round can run from bewteen 1650 to 1720 fps with an 85 gr bullet. A 90 gr FMJ can run 1340 fps. As far as when it was desinged, the 9mm was desined in 1902. The .45ACP was designed in 1904. the 7.62x54R was designed in the 1880s. All of those rounds are still in service. And as for it being "obviously false info," don't try to tell me that something I've seen with my own eyes never happened.
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    I shot my first moose with a 32-20. 90 grain solid at 1400 fps. Did reasonably well. Good eating.

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