9mm with least recoil

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by cluznar, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. cluznar

    cluznar Former Guest

    Apr 13, 2012
    I have a Ruger SR9c which to me has low recoil. However, I have always wondered which 9mm has the most manageable recoil. The lower the recoil the better chance at making good shots, especially in rapid fire.

    So give your opinion on a low recoil 9mm.
  2. cluznar

    cluznar Former Guest

    Apr 13, 2012

  3. Hammerslagger

    Hammerslagger New Member

    Jul 30, 2009
    Heavier guns will tend to have slower and more gentle recoil.
  4. CampingJosh

    CampingJosh Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2007
    As Hammerslagger said, a more massive (and therefore heavier) gun will have more inertia to offset the force of firing. So 9mm in a long gun (example example) would have a huge advantage. The use of steel instead of polymer also can increase the mass of a particular gun dramatically.

    Comfort when firing a particular pistol will also make a big difference. For instance, I have a CZ75 that fits my hand like a glove. When shooting it, I feel about the same amount of recoil as I do when firing my wife's Walter P22 even though her gun shoots .22LR. That P22 just doesn't fit my hand as well, and it's much lighter than the CZ, so to me it feels very similar.

    And I would not consider what seems to be your only pistol (based on you mentioning it in every post) as being particularly low-recoiling for 9mm. It's light and small. It's very good for what it's designed for, but reducing recoil is not what it's designed for.
  5. Silencer

    Silencer Well-Known Member

    Whatever gun sits lower in your hand has much lower recoil than a heavier gun that sits high in your hands. I learned that lesson a long time ago. That's why I always buy a gun that sits lower in your hand over whatever else there is to purchase.

    What is the semi-automatic that sits very low in your hand? I don't know. S&W M&P maybe?
  6. Fast Forward

    Fast Forward Member

    Jul 16, 2011
    Chaska Minn
    The more I shoot my CZ75 the more I love it
  7. todd51

    todd51 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2009
    Central, Ohio
    Plus one on what Silencer said. I only have three 9mm's a S&W 5906, S&W 669 and the dreaded Glock 19. The Glock is the softest shooting and it is also the lightest weight. But it sits the lowest in the hand and I feel this is why it is so pleasant to shoot.
  8. cluznar

    cluznar Former Guest

    Apr 13, 2012
    Actually my Stoeger Cougar 9mm has lower recoil but I am starting to like the SR9c more and more.
  9. Dirtypacman

    Dirtypacman New Member

    Mar 3, 2008
    Merrimac Valley, MA
    I have fired a couple 1911's in 9mm that I thought were amazing at handling the recoil. You have to expect it from a full size 1911 platform but still it was nice to shoot.

    Full size Sig does a pretty nice job also.
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