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    One day, while going to the store, I passed
    by a nursing home.

    On the front lawn were six old ladies lying
    naked on the grass, Millie, Nelda, Elma, Lacey, Sippy and

    I thought this was a bit unusual, but
    continued on my way to the
    store. On my return trip, I passed the same
    nursing home with the same
    six old ladies lying naked on the lawn.

    This time my curiosity got the best of me,
    and I went inside to talk to
    the Nursing Home Administrator.

    Do you know there are six ladies lying
    naked on your front lawn?'

    'Yes,' she said. 'They're retired
    prostitutes, and they're having a yard
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    When I retired, I joined a Fla State program as an Ombudsman. I was there " for " the residents ( volunteer position ).

    I can tell you from a been there, done that, position. Age means nothing to the sex drive. :)

    Early on I discovered something I didn't expect. If two folks, not related " fall in love ", they let em move into a room together. Even in a NH, life goes on for a while. Not a bad deal, I guess.
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