A 1911!? Hmmm

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by TheGunClinger, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I am toying with the idea of buying a 1911:eek: I have revolvers, a Sig P220, a Glock 30 SF, this and that but no 1911's. As I hate to be ostrasized at the range and on here I am considering getting one but have no idea which one. I have read plenty of good things on this forum about just about every brand on the planet.
    Maybe you guys and girls could offer opinions on what you think about whatever brands you happen to like. Pro's, cons, ect.
    I dont like junk, I do like pretty, I like the most bang for the buck, I like quality. (By pretty I dont mean gold trim and such stuff.)
    I did have a Llama .38 Super 1911 but sold it for $200.
    So if you have any opinions you would be willing to offer I would be glad to hear them.
  2. Doc1911

    Doc1911 New Member

    Jun 29, 2009
    Springfield makes a great gun. Not too many frills, but normally very reliable and accurate. Also a rather new company FUSION is a good one to begin with - but a few dollars more than SA.

    The bad thing about 1911s is that they are addictive and then you will want "the ONE." Then you will be spending some $$$ - as they are like Lays Potato Chips.....
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  3. retired grunt

    retired grunt New Member

    Mar 30, 2009
    Northern NY
    Colt and kimber make some fine 1911's
  4. WillBrayJr

    WillBrayJr New Member

    Jul 2, 2009
    The only problem with Colt and Kimber is you're paying for the name;)
  5. jacksonco

    jacksonco New Member

    I like Colt and SIG 1911 pistols. There are a lot of other brands out there but I have had very good experiences with these. The SIGs will run a little more than the Colts. I carry a Colt XSE Commander and on some occasions I will strap on the SIG.

    JUNKKING Well-Known Member

    Gun Clinger, I just went through this a few weeks ago. I drove a few here on the forum nuts with questions because I also didn't know which to buy. I finally had to make a move and get the one that felt the best to me. Yes there are many names and it seems each has its own feel something I couldn't figure out why as they are all on the same frame and grip. I did get a Sig revolution from my brother in-law which I wished he wanted to sell a few days earlier. I had shot a few of his and that of all the ones I handled felt the best to me. Good luck in your quest. Hope you find something you like. JUNK
  7. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Thanks for your reply and all the others. I like my Sig P220 so I will Sig a good look. I looked at the Fusion and they do look nice but are really pricey. I got lots of time as I have to save my pennies so I will give them all a look.
  8. sabashimon

    sabashimon New Member

    Oct 26, 2007
    In my humble opinion, and since you asked, I don't think that for the money you can do better than a Springfield Marine Corps Operator.
    As you might guess, I own one and can't imagine anything at twice the price outperforming this extremely reliable, extremely accurate tack driver.
    Just my two shekels, FWIW.

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  9. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    She's a beaty! I think the Bass Pro shop has one. I will go and hold it. Thanks!
  10. techoca

    techoca New Member

    Nov 3, 2008
  11. Big ugly

    Big ugly New Member

    Feb 27, 2009
    Knoxville Tennessee
    Hold it, mabbe caress it a little, Gently look between the cleavage of the sight, Drool if you must,But remember you can only look and touch but you cannot insert your ammo and fire one off till she is paid for. Enjoy;)
  12. 45nut

    45nut Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    A new Rock Island Armory will set you back about 4 bills and it's mil-spec and very well made.

    5" groups at 25 yards for me.

    RIA reading here
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  13. Shooter45

    Shooter45 *Administrator* Staff Member Supporting Member

    Feb 9, 2001
    Here at TFF
    I have owned them all at one time or another. The Springfield "Loaded" model is a good bang for the buck. But don't overlook the Kimber. My Custom Target will shoot with my Les Baer Premier II at 50 yards. That's saying alot. The Springfield Mil-Spec would be a good choice if you don't want a custom look. The GI model is just that including those small sights but if you want an original look, why not. Rock Island Armory is finally getting in the game with custom features as is Charles Daly. For an inexpensive 1911 with custom features, the Charles Daly 1911 is hard to beat. I could mention more but I have listed my choices. :)

    As others have said, go to the local shops and handle ALL brands. But remember, if a certain 1911 doesn't feel right in your hand, it can be easily changed. Some of the glamor of the 1911 is making the pistol fit your hand by changing trigger length and/or mainspring housings.

    Good luck with your search and keep us posted.

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  14. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I like your outlook!
  15. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I just went to the thread beneath mine to "Show pics of your 1911's" Holy hell! Looks like there are about a kajillion 1911's. And they all look might nice but cause me a big problem. I havnt won the lottery lately so I cant have them all. Bummer.
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