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    Golden Saber is designed to be a low-recoil cartridge that's effective at short range. I find that it deposits more crud in my guns than other mfgrs' stuff. But it's designed for self-defense, and it's reliable and will work just fine.

    My recommendation would be to see if you can find Federal Premium HST, and if it's a larger gun (e.g., a Sig 226, a Kahr K9, etc.) use the +P variety; in a smaller (especially poly or aluminum frame) gun, +P may make too much recoil. But it comes in boxes of fifty and is a better value than just about anything else.

    When I was a manager of data processing, I had to hire programmers. I'd advertise in the Washington Post and get a stack of resumes about eighteen inches thick over three weeks. I didn't have time to find the very best person for the job. I needed someone who could do the job and at an amount of money my employer was willing to pay. So I would go through those resumes, and over a couple of hours, throw away about two-thirds of them. Some of those people were rejected because they didn't have a batchelor's degree. But three of the very best programmers I've ever known had no degree at all, and one didn't graduate high school. The optimal programmer for my job slot may have gone into the trash can. But that didn't matter, because I got people who were reliable, intelligent, competent, and adequate for the job, at the right amount of money.

    The point is that you have to maximize effectiveness and value, especially in expendables like bullets. Look at the way people sell computer printers - they don't make any money on those, their profit comes from toner, cables, and paper.

    You need a bullet that will do the job at the right amount of money. You don't need the best possible bullet, unless you're going to be executing search warrants on Columbian drug kingpins at two in the morning. And, since the guys who do that are on "low bid" government contracts, they're not using the best possible, either.
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    For personal defense I prefer the Winchester 147gr XST. It is supposed to be the exact same round as the Black Talon without the teflon coating.
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