A CCW question for those who carry

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by Bubblehead, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead New Member

    Mar 7, 2008
    Pioneer, CA
    A question for those that carry 24x7.

    When you go into a private residence (family member, friend, or simply an acquaintance), do you carry or leave your firearm in your vehicle (for example)? If you continue to carry, do you notify the home owner of that fact?

    Not many people, with the exception of family, know that I have a CCW. And not all family members know either. Is it ethical to carry while in another's residence without their knowledge? I would want to know if someone were armed in my home. This is just a question that came to mind when I went to a friends house for Thanksgiving this year. He doesn't know that I carry, I left my firearm in the car, but the question did come to mind so I thought I'd ask it here on the TFF.

  2. Helix_FR

    Helix_FR Active Member

    Apr 14, 2009
    Imperial, MO
    Out of respect I always disarm, especially if children are around. But this is only within my own family or friends. If I don't know the person, what they don't know wont hurt them. Still if kids are around, I'm hesitant.

  3. Carne Frio

    Carne Frio Well-Known Member

    Aug 28, 2008
    Near Fairbanks
    In Alaska, it is illegal, (while carrying concealed ), to enter private
    residence without permission.
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  4. oscarmayer

    oscarmayer New Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    i too out of respect always leave it locked in the car
  5. pickenup

    pickenup Active Member

    When outside my home, I carry.....all the time.
    Isn't the reason you carry........just in case?
    Are there crime free zones (private residences) that I don't know about?
    Hope somebody tells the criminals.

    Honestly, I forget that I am carrying. There have been times, when I have gone to the courthouse, get through the door and see the metal detector before I remember, and have to turn around and go back to the car to leave it/them there.

    I don't feel disrespectful if I carry, I feel irresponsible if I don't.
  6. Gun Geezer

    Gun Geezer Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2009
    Central Florida
    After all, concealed is concealed!
  7. 45nut

    45nut Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2006
    Dallas, TX
    Anyone that knows me, knows I am a 2A fanatic. However, not everyone knows I carry 24/7, but they may suspect.

    My pistol, which by Col Cooper's definition, is strictly a defensive weapon, will do me not one bit of good locked in my vehicle.

    Only if someone has posted a properly worded (per Texas law) 30-06 on all the entrances to their house would I even reconsider it.

    I have been to friends of friends and since I didn't brandish it, they were none the wiser and probably much safer. Damn their respect and feelings, it's my life I"m worried about.
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  8. Toolmanroberts

    Toolmanroberts New Member

    Sep 16, 2010
    Unless I am asked not to or it is against the law like one post said I carry every where permitted (usually) I have forgotten in the bank a few times but I was wise enough not to anounce my mistake and no one was the wiser. I am still looking for that crime free zone to reside in but I still haven't found one so I carry every where.
  9. johnlives4christ

    johnlives4christ Former Guest

    Apr 28, 2008
    unless it is against the law where im going, i carry.

    i have family that does not approve of me carrying. since i dont get along with them anyways i rarely go to their homes. however i would carry if i did visit them. if they asked me specifically not to carry i would leave the gun in the car. but i would not announce if i was carrying though.

    i dont feel that its wrong to carry a gun into another persons house without telling them. even if their is kids around. it would be wrong if i was to pull my gun out and start clicking the buttons in someone elses house though
  10. johnlives4christ

    johnlives4christ Former Guest

    Apr 28, 2008
    ps. in kentucky you dont have to inform others when entering a house while armed and you can carry in a bank unless it's got a no firearms sign.
  11. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    When I lived in California, I always asked permission, as it was illegal not to. Outside the SRC, I don't ask.

    I have one acquaintence who is anti-gun. I will not enter their house and have told him why.

  12. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    I just carry, all the time. If I'm asked, I'll leave it in the car, other wise it's concealed, and no one but me, God, and the wife knows I'm armed. My bank has a properly posted 30-06 sign, but I pretend I can't read! I'm only in there for a minute or two, and then I'm gone. They don't know!
  13. rentalguy1

    rentalguy1 Former Guest

    It stays on my side unless there is a metal detector to be passed through. If someone sees the lump (I don't particularly care how well it's concealed - just short of OC), I tell them it's my adrenaline pump. I walk with a cane, and most people are so ignorant of medical jargon they let it go at that. If someone does have a problem with me carrying in their residence, I leave and don't go to that residence any more...family and friends included.
  14. Old Guy

    Old Guy Member

    Mar 19, 2009
    Unless the law says that you have to identify or that it is not legal, then I would carry regardless of who is around (children, etc.). The only time that this would be a challenge is if there were children and I was sleeping over, but that is what lock boxes are made for. Bad guys don't respect any laws or signs so I would rather be ready at all times.
  15. TheGunClinger

    TheGunClinger Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I usually just carry the bug (LCP) in my pocket and leave primary in the truck.
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