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  1. I was amazed that in the USA Today Poll conducted on their website (link below) reflected 98% in favor of interpretation of the Second Amendment being that it IS truly the peoples right to keep and bear arms and not a reference to the military only as the Hillary and Polosi camps claim. The link below relates to the US Supreme Court's decisions to rule, probably some time next year, on constitutionality of the D.C. law banning handguns outright. Interesting...

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    Well, if they read it in context, the militia is made up of private citizens, and according to the 2nd Amendment, they were for the security of their own State! Not the whole nation as a whole.

    ",...the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

    Clearly showing they meant this for the private citizens, the people... no questions asked. The founding fathers saw how important it was for citizens to be armed; they learned from experience from the Revolutionary War.

    If "the militia" in the 2nd Amendment meant "the military", then why are "the land or naval forces" and "the militia" split up into two different entities in the 5th Amendment?!

    The land or naval forces, obviously meant as the military back when they originally wrote these first Amendments.

    So, there's no true cloud over the issue... only those that purposely try to make a cloud over the issue, simply and obviously to get their own agenda passed. A very traitorous, deceptive and criminal agenda, at that.

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    Jun 30, 2005
    I often ask anyone propounding the Second Amendment as a "collective" right delimited to government agents if they would willingly accept the same circumscription of the First Amendment. I have yet to receive an affirmative answer.......

    Instead I urge everyone to consider, "Why are so many so willing to spend so much money to evade, confound or elude the basic premise of the Second Amendment ? " Looked at realistically, firearm deaths from all causes are half those of motor vehicle accidents. If we remove criminal/criminal and LEO apprehensions that disparity is even greater. In effect we're being asked to risk a great deal upon highly suspect "data" in the hopes we'll manage to confound decades of proven, peer-supported, sociological and criminological fact. >MW
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    It is my opinion that the 2nd Amendment is only the first of the amendments that the pro-big government, "ruling class" loving liberals will attack. If they are successful in diminishing or doing away with the 2nd amendment it will be their next tactic to destroy other amendments so dear and necessary to maintain the greatness of our country. Do you not think that they will next go after the 1st Amendment, the 4th and then the 5th and on and on to achieve their goal? I see this attack on the 2nd Amendment (and the constitution as a whole) as only the tip of the iceberg. They are much smarter than to attempt to do away with the entire constitution in one fell swoop. Do away with the means for the people to fight back and then it will be much easier to successfully do away with the other "annoying" amendments that stand in the way of a ruling class to have total and
    absolute control of the citizens (peasants) of this once great country.

    I see the attack on the 2nd Amendment as an incremental approach to the total overhaul of our form of government and our way of life. Am I being paranoid? I don't think so.
  5. While I think most people are aware of the 2nd ammendment. The Sheeple feel it is no longer neccessary. So they have no feeling one way or the other. They don't think its a problem if it goes away. Like most of the problems this country has, Blame it on the Politicians & the Sheeple who keep reelecting them. :mad:
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    Go to Staples (or wherever) and get one of the pin-on lapel badges. Make up a badgs the says

    "I AM A PEOPLE!"

    Even the most obtuse will understand what you are talking about and it is fun. We did that in San Diego, once and had a group of antis most flustered. :D

    (Yes, it is gramaticly incorrect. That is part of the emphasis of it.)
  7. In contrast, consider that the U.S. Constitution is the charter for the United States, and only indirectly limits what individuals and states can do - the Constitution specifically states that the United States is authorized to do only what the Constitution specifically allows.

    Then consider that there is no provision in the Constitution for the United States to have any kind of law enforcement authority - that power is reserved to the States. That's why they always have to have a local law enforcement officer on hand when the FBI, DEA, or whatnot want to execute warrants.

    I think I'm seeing a pattern here... second amendment rights reserved to governments? Perhaps it all boils down to power.
  8. It is ABSOLUTELY about power!!! Our founding fathers were very, very aware of the dangers of expanding government and went to great lengths to limit governmental powers. To our great misfortune, as a people and as a nation, our "leaders" have ignored the safeguards built into the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. WE have allowed it to happen. They have, and continually do, enact laws and usurp powers that fly in the face of Constitutional boundaries. This has been going on for many decades, but, really kicked into high gear during, and following, the depression years. That was the real beginning of the "great socialization' of our once great Republic. The federal government started its move to take control of the economy and, as time went on, education, commerce, agriculture, and more. Now there is a "Federal Department of..." for just about everything imaginable, spending trillions of dollars, with little (or no) "value added". Now, the latest rage in Washington is to appoint "Tsars" to manage any perceived ills. We have an "Energy Tsar" and a "Drug Enforcement Tsar" and a "Home Security Tsar". These are appointed positions, with incredible powers, that have no responsibility to the electorate, what-so-ever. There is NO authority granted by the Constitution for any of this non-sense. In truth, the Constitution forbids it. Over the years the "sheeple", as I've seen often (and appropriately) used, have become so complacent that it is now at the point where it seems, regardless what the problem is, regardless what issue is at hand, the first thing out of most everyones mouth is, "The government should do something"!!! How did we ever get to this point? It is a sickness. We, as a people, have created this monster through laziness, complacency, and ignorance. The inmates are running the asylum. It really is all about money, control, and power. Like the old saying goes..."You get what you pay for..." :(:mad:
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    All the amendments refer to "the people" so I fail to see why the 2nd would be the exception. If they find away to abolish the 2nd amendment, what's next? Right of religion and free speech? The right to be secure in our homes, property and person from search and seizure?

    My belief is that guns are the glue that hold this great Nation together. Take them away from the American citizens and this Nation will fall.
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    Yes, 2weelz. You mirror almost exactly what I was saying on another forum.

    In that thread, I wrote something: Complacency of the people ultimately leads to tyranny of the government.

    Go here http://www.network54.com/Forum/233672/thread/1196438238/last-1197138542/Judge+sends+46+people+in+courtroom+to+jail%2C+simply+because+someones+cellphone+rang+out...

    On that forum, my name is: Northax

    You'll see my constant posts, with all the quotes in my signature, and three American flags waving in there, also. ;)

    Let me just cut and paste a thing from that discussion, just to give you a little taste before seeing the whole thing:


    As you can clearly see, I'm dead serious about being worried over seeing such complacency of people in our nation today. So much so, I felt compelled to make a few anaolgies of my own, to get the point across.

    We need to wake our people up, somehow.

    Click on the link I posted, and see the whole thing. People are actually laughing that a judge threw 46 people in the courtroom in jail, simply for someones cell phone going off, and no one coming forth to say who's phone it was. That clearly broke the 8th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

    The commission took him down, but I was angered and worried that the people didn't protest for this criminal judge to be tried and jailed for committing a crime of crual and unusual punishment!

    As they say: "If you don't know your rights, you don't have any."

    How much have these traitors brainwashed, and dumbed our society down? It's truly astounding, and alarming.

    We must stand up!
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