A couple of books for the religious & scientific among us

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    I just began reading a couple of good books that deal with the science of Quantum Physics and how a better understanding it can help our FAITH.

    Some people here may have experienced miracles & powerful move of the Holy Spirit in their lives. I for one, have experienced healing miracles and miraculous flows of the Holy Spirit. I've seen God's glory fall in the form of a "Glory Cloud" whose mist swept throughout an entire building; healing & delivering all that it surrounded.

    I've also experienced a heat (Holy Ghost Fire) go through my body, down my arm & into my hands; only to electrically charge my finger tips. Then when I laid hands on someone; or even approached some people, the energy released and people were slain in the Spirit, healed & delivered. (I know this is a VERY real phenomenon that takes place in the world of the "Spirit". But, I've often wondered about a "scientific" explanation to what happens when things like this take place.)

    Recently, I've been studying a little more about Quantum Physics and unseen energy fields all around us. In my studies, I came across to very good "Christian" books about Faith & Quantum Physics. I'm sure there are more out there. But, you may have to wade through some secular & New Age crapola before you find them.

    Here's two I found- "Quantum Faith" by Annette Capps (The daughter of Charles Capps.) "Quantum Faith" can easily be read in one sitting.

    The other book is a much more detailed & scientific read on the subject that will take time to get through. It's called "Quantum Glory" by Phil Mason.

    Mr. Mason is a former "New Ager"; that now ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ to New Agers all across Australia.

    Both books come in Kindle format if you want to save a little money. So far, I find them extremely informative, educational and encouraging.

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    Lee Strobel has some great books on Faith in God and questions everything about it.They are a quick read, but he asks very deep questions like: Why does God allow bad things to happen? If there is a God, what is the evidence for him? Why are their so many religions?

    He asks the smartest professors and intellectuals of our time these deep questions and the answers are pretty amazing.

    All available on Amazon

    The Case for a Creator

    The Case for Faith

    The Case for Christ
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