A Found Memory

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    A Found Memory
    I was searching among a few items of my Mom's and I happen to find a letter (rather a short note) that I had sent to my Mom and Dad and tucked inside was the following poem.

    When I was short on time and didn't have time to write a letter I would try to tuck in something that I cut out of the Army Times or whatever happen to be around at the time. The stationery happen to be the blue and white sheets that had the map of Vietnam in the bottom left.

    This poem looks like it is missing a top part because there is no title but I will begin from what is left of it..........

    Ours is a cause that is mighty,
    And ours is an Army that's
    Our aims are not hazy or
    Our heads are forever un-

    Ours is an aim both gracious
    and right
    And ours is an arm that is
    Ours is a sword that is swift
    as light
    To vanquish the legions of
    We don't care for the devil,
    Or, anything else in our way.
    For Destiny's pointing her
    And courage will yet win the

    To save all your pity for others,
    The child whose daddy is gone.
    And the widows and the heart-
    broken mothers,
    Who see no more hope in the
    Waste not your pity on soldiers.
    We're ready if need be to die.
    The man on the ground, the
    man on the ship,
    And the man in the far blue

    If we should die, why sorrow?
    Our glory shall never die.
    For high in the skies of tomor-
    The banners of freedom will

    (by) Sgt. Michael P. Kiefer
    460 AEMS CMR1

    I have used this poem or portion thereof without permission of the author and copied it here as printed. This is something that has been tucked away since 1969 in my Mom's memories of my tour in Nam.

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    Re: A Found Memory
    That's definetly a keeper, Hope.
    That feller had a way with words.


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    Re: A Found Memory
    Very nice Hope, I'm sure the author wouldn't mind it
    being posted here.
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    Re: A Found Memory
    That was awesome!!!

    I'd think the author would be proud to have it here! :)

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    Re: A Found Memory
    Hope, those are the things that makes memories golden---long forgotten feelings stirred with the realization of having 'been there--done that' thanks you for sharing. Wilborn

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    Re: A Found Memory
    Wouldn't it be neat if the author would see his poem on here? I imagine he might be quite surprised. I hope he would be. - Hope
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