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  1. Southwing

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    Apr 10, 2009
    Central kentucky.
    I have an A H Fox side by side 12 guage, 30 inch barrels, in very good condition ... so good I still hunt with it. It was given to me years ago from an estate out of East Texas. Distinctive markings include an A grade stamped on it; what I assume is a production number of #11963; a Krupp Fluid Steel engraved on the barrels along with a made in Philadelphia, Pa. script. I has what I think is an original stock finish and with nice in-lay hand grip work on it. There are the usual bumps and nicks on the stock but the barrels are rust free and there is some good detail engraved design work on it, including the name of the maker, Ansley H Fox.

    This is a gun I might consider handing down to one of my grandsons. But if the value is high, I may just give it to his dad and tell him to sell it when the boy is ready to head off to college in a dozen years or so. Or I might sell it myself and buy each of my grandsons a shotgun of their own.

    Anyway, if you have a rough idea of what it might be worth, I'd be delighted to hear from you. As primarily a deer hunter, my knowledge and use of a shotgun is limited. So feel free to talk to me like I'm stupid! ;-)! Don't worry, I won't be offended. It seems to happen to me all the time!!

    Thanks for any help or advice you might be able to give me.

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    Aug 28, 2008
    Upstate NY

    Sounds like you have the early style A grade A. H. Fox double. With SN 11963, I would estimate it to have been made around 1907 or '08 or there abouts. The early A's have very light but tasteful engraving on the receiver and none on the barrel. Just factory markings "Krupp Fluid Compressed Steel" on the right barrem and "Made by the A. h. Fox Gun Co., Phila, Pa." on the left barrel.

    With 30 inch barrels, it is probably choked Full and Full. You can determine the chokes very easily on 12 gauge guns by using a US dime. A US dime will not fit all the way in the muzzle end of a full choke gun.. The dime will slide all the way into a 12 gauge modified choke.

    The inlay in the stock you mentioned is likely checkering. Checkering also on the fore wend wood.

    Tricky making an estimate of its value by your description but I can give you some guidance. An all original early 12 gauge Fox A grade in very good condition would be valued at around $800 to $1000. If in excellent condition with most of its original barrel blue, receiver case coloring and wood varnish could be in the $1000 to 1500 range. If excellent plus condition with just about all its original finish, could be valued up to around $1800.00. These values can be a little different in different parts of the country but are at least a guide.

    If the gun has automatic ejectors, add around 10 to 20% to these values.

    Many of the early A grades did not have auto ejectors.

    If you are not sure if it has automatic ejectors, open the gun with the top lever and look at the extractors. That is the part that sits in the bottom portion of the barrel chambers and it lifts the shells out of the chamber as you open the gun all the way. If it is one piece, it has extractors. If it is split in the middle such that each extractor operates independent of the other, it has ejectors.

    Another way to tell: With the gun empty, and be absolutely sure that it is, with the gun closed, push the Safe in the Fire positition and pull one trigger. Open the gun and if it has ejectors, the ejector on the barrel that was fired will snap out.

    And another way to tell: pull the fore end off. If there are two tabs sticking up from the fore end iron, it has ejectors. If smooth and no tabs, it has extractors.

    If the gun is now all original and in very good to better condition, keep it that way. Do not refinish any part of it including the wood. The prices I gave above would be for an original condition gun. Any part(s) that are refinished can devalue the gun significantly.

    If you need more detailed info, feel free to send me a note: biljolliff(at symbol)aol.com. If you can, send me some pictures of the gun.

    I hope this helps some. Send me a note if you have any questions.


  3. Southwing

    Southwing New Member

    Apr 10, 2009
    Central kentucky.
    Thanks, Jolly! You have been a big help. What a good gift you are to this forum.

    Have a great spring ...

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