A new shotgun for Sarah McKinley

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    (Guns Save Life is a great organization in Illinois. This is from their newsletter.)

    Making a difference Helping Sarah McKinley(Guns Save Life) - At the January meeting, GSL President John Boch brought up the story from New Year’s Eve of Sarah McKinley from Blanchard, OK. This 18-year-old mother lost her husband to cancer on Christmas Day 2011 and less than a week later, two opportunistic, armed thugs try to break into her home, probably to rape her. She barricaded her front door with her couch, then got her shotgun, her baby and her phone and retreated to the back of the residence.

    For twenty-one minutes she waited for police to arrive as the two men tried to force their way in through both doors. Bad guy #1 was on the verge of breaching the front door when the 911 operator told Sarah not to shoot unless the intruder made it inside the house. The bad man got in far enough to begin climbing over the couch when young Sarah McKinley perforated him with her boom-stick. Amorous bad guy #2 suddenly sobered up and decided he had to be somewhere else and later turned himself in.

    Boch spoke with the Blanchard police and they have nothing but praise for how McKinley handled the unfortunate situation. “It doesn’t get much more righteous than this one,” a detective told Boch.

    McKinley’s primary home defense gun, the shotgun, was taken for evidence. “We’ll probably have it for at least a couple of months,” the detective said.

    Mr. Boch and some friends decided to make a difference and make sure Sarah McKinley has a replacement home-defense shotgun. Antonio Luna, a part-time adjunct staff instructor with Fortress Defense Consultants, made some contacts and lined up a gun. The Blanchard police chief referred Mr. Boch to a trusted, nearby gun dealer, Nathan Morrison of KAIROS Services, LLC., and offered to send a squad to give Sarah a ride to pick up the shotgun once it arrived.

    Everyone at Blanchard PD, from the chief down to the front desk clerk, expressed profound and sincere appreciation for any help we or others could provide. “Anything you can do to help with be very much appreciated as that young woman is having a very difficult time right now,” the desk clerk told Mr. Boch.

    Mr. Luna secured most of the money needed for a bare-bones Remington 870. A day later, at the Tuesday evening GSL meeting, Mr. Boch asked GSL members to help come up with a $100 to $150 in order to trick out the shotgun with a side-saddle, sling and to take care of any incidental costs. After Boch started a hat around with $10, a few minutes later, GSL members came through with not one, but two hats, stuffed with $487.

    Sarah McKinley’s gun arrived on Martin Luther King’s birthday. It’s a tricked-out Remington 870 Express 12ga with a Hogue fore-end and 13” youth stock, a Mesa Tactical 8 round side saddle, Trijicon ghost-ring tritium sights, an Advanced Technologies mag clamp swivel mount and a Vickers Tactical Blue Force two-point sling. Also included are a few boxes of Federal Personal Defense 00 buck, which the gun loves.

    The gun was test fired before shipping. Ryan Stoy, of ZX Gun in Goshen, IN told Boch, ”I test fired the gun this afternoon. It’s a good gun. I built it up myself and it’s what I would want someone I care about to have.”

    We (Boch, Luna, etc.) are weighing options for either giving McKinley a check for the remaining cash, or making arrangements to (legally) get her a personal defense caliber revolver.

    There is a trust account set up to help Sarah McKinley. If you missed the meeting and would like to contribute to help this girl have a better year in the Year 2012, here is the contact information.

    Sarah McKinley Trust Fund
    Chickasa Bank & Trust
    405 485-2300 Ask for Leah.

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    That happened about 20 miles south of me. Apparently the dead one had been stalking her, knowing her husband was dying. They were after the pain medication he had left on passing, but the dead one wanted her ,too. #2 will go down for murder ,also, as in Oklahoma if someone dies during the commission of a felony, partner or not and you are part of committing that felony , you're charged with murder, no matter who pulls the trigger. AMF!
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  3. Alpo

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    I'm a little puzzled by this.

    >We (Boch, Luna, etc.) are weighing options for either giving McKinley a check for the remaining cash, or making arrangements to (legally) get her a personal defense caliber revolver. <

    Seems to me, in the story I read, when she was on the phone to 911 she said she had a shotgun and a pistol with her. She used the shotgun, and the cops took it as evidence. But she should still have the pistol.

    "Course, it might have been a 22 target pistol, or a 25 pocket pistol.


    >Ms McKinley had kept the 12-gauge gun with which she shot Martin, as well as a pistol, after selling the rest of her husband’s guns to help pay for his funeral.<

    >She described to the Oklahoma station what she did: ‘I walked over and got the 12-gauge, went in the bedroom and got the pistol, put the bottle in his mouth, and then I called 911.’

    She also barricaded the front door with a sofa.

    'I’ve got two guns in my hand... is it okay to shoot him if he comes in the door?'

    -Sarah McKinley to 911 Dispatcher

    Ms McKinley asked the 911 dispatcher what to do should the two men break in.

    ‘I’ve got two guns in my hand – is it okay to shoot him if he comes in the door?’ she said.<
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    All advertisments for ED meds. They have been hacked.

  5. Juker

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    Feb 8, 2011
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    Not sure what pistol she had, but they're out to get her something better.

    As for the gunssavelife site, hacked indeed - and I was just on there last night. Sorry bastids - people should make better use of their time than hacking websites and pushing pecker pills.
  6. armoredman

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    That was well done, gentlemen, well done indeed.
  7. Fantastic! Good job folks.
  8. Dennis C

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    That's awesome, have a bunch of strangers go out of their way to help this young girl out. Nobody gonna mess with her now!
  9. Juker

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Land of Lincoln
    www.gunssavelife.com is back online, reckon they de-hacked themselves.

    If you want to read some fine newsletters, click into any month on the left side of the screen, and it will open as a PDF.
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