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    Today's COP is not the dedicated shooter like you or me. Its a job to most of them. For most COPs they practice mostly because they have to. Cities feel, and reasonably so, that the gun must be fool proof. That is, it shouldn't be easily set off in the heat of "battle", and should not require thinking excessively to use. Having even one COP on the force that has problems with gun handling, whether it be because the gun is too big for the hand or because they fail to absorb training or because they don't practice enough, is a millions of dollars liability to that city. Fool proof guns are a must and a Glock and some of the double action only guns in the smaller frames fit the bill.

    Such requirements most certainly don't apply to us, as avid shooters. But I'll admit that I have so many different guns with their controls in completely different places that my home defense gun is loaded with a loaded magazine but with the chamber empty. I don't need any gun mistakes in handling the gun. Sure, I'll have to rack the gun to use it but they all rack the same. I never use safeties at the range or ever because the gun is being shot or the chamber is empty. Never anything else. That works for me.

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    Thanks for all the answers! I always thought it was mostly money. A 1911 is awesome but even a stock 1911 is like 100 dollars more than a regular Glock. But thats still dumb because a 1911 will last forever and a plastic gun cant take the same beating.
    Dont flame me Glock fans! :D

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    Don't worry, I think that GlockNut is the only fan :D and he only responds to really weird stuff.
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    Just wanted to drop in that there is a "segment" of the US Army that still uses 1911's as their duty sidearm.
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    1911's have their place. They are fine weapons. But please, just because a gun is made out of metal vs polymer, does not mean the polymer gun is less likely to last. I doubt any 1911 could sustain the torture test this Glock 21 was put through and still work. Right now, my 1911 is at Springfield after 250 rounds. All three of my Glocks have about 5000 rounds each on them and have never had anything done to them except cleaning.


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    Our local sheriffs can carry what they want-half carry 1911's with Blackhawk holsters.But these are gun people like us.
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    I suspect a good chunk of the reasoning for why the 45 has lost it's favor is because it's such a large round. An engineer can fit more 9mm bullets into a handle than he can 45acp bullets. And more likely than not a 9 will drop a person just as readliy as the 45. Though, I'd take the 45 if I thought the person was on drugs.....
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  10. Lets face it, the real reason police don't carry .45s is because the
    average cop can't hit a bull in the ass with any kind of pistol. Give
    him a .45 and he won't be able to hit a barn. There are lots of cops
    that can shoot very well but they are spread out among many police
    forces. Usually there are a few cops on a given force that are gun guys.
    The rest are not. I was a cop for a while back in the days when we shot
    .38 revolvers. When we went to the range we used low power wadcutters.
    We shot the police L and a lot of the guys couldn't even hit the paper.
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    for the masses you issue a glock ( sad piece of point and shoot plastic).

    a 1911 is liken to a Indy car; the glock is the family sedan.

    one does not train to be merely competent with a 1911. train till you are
    an expert with it or carry something else. granted there are models (Sig 229/239 comes to mind)
    that measure up very close to a 1911.
    close; not as good in all areas but, close overall.

    so; train enough to carry something that is passable, or
    train like your life depends on it and carry the best: a 1911.

    -----> who?? me biased:eek:
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    Nov 15, 2010
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    Very well put. I think I found a new home here at the Forum. Best Wishes
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    A lot of it is because it's a heavier firearm and it does not have a very high ammunition capacity. There are the Para Ordinance models that are high capacity, but I couldn't tell you what those run as far as price.

    As for Glock, most police departments use that because it's inexpensive, has a high ammunition capacity, can be drawn and fired quickly (no safeties to fumble with), it's also lightweight making it an easier weapon to carry. I see many that also carry the SIG Sauer P226 in 9x19 or .40 S&W.

    And I wouldn't say all police departments have moved away from the 1911. You just don't see patrolmen carrying it. I believe most of the reason for that is because the 1911 is heavier than let's say a Glock, and carries less ammo. But many SWAT teams have used the 1911. LAPD SWAT has started issuing the Kimber TLE II. FBI SWAT uses the Springfield TRP.

    There are some parts of the US military that use the 1911. I believe SOCOM went back to the 1911. They have some fancy modified one called the MEU SOC pistol. I believe it's a Springfield Operator with a rail and threaded barrel. And I thought there were a few MEU SOC pistols built on the Kimber Desert Warrior also.

    I believe the US switched to the Beretta 92 (designation M9) for reasons of standardization with NATO. I thought more recently they were considering scrapping it and finding a new pistol to use.

    Many police departments' standard issue sidearm is still the Beretta 92FS. LAPD for example, that is their standard issue to patrolmen.

    As far as Glock vs. the 1911 though, I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Both have their strong suits and faults. Glock is less expensive, more economical so that's what they hand out to the patrolmen. The 1911 is more accurate, but costs a bit more than a Glock. Police departments are on a budget so obviously they can't hand out a well-built 1911 to every officer. Same goes for the military. Although I'm sure the military still has a few WWII Colts sitting around somewhere.

    It all depends on the intended use of the firearm. For patrolmen, the high capacity, lightweight, and inexpensive Glock works better whereas a SWAT team may want something more accurate with a more powerful round so the 1911 serves their needs better.
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    If you ever watch Cops you will see that many police and sheriff depts. use the 1911. I watch for them just because I like them so much.
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