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  1. CRP and others related their "bump in the night" stories in another recent thread. I had a somewhat similar experience about 23 years ago, though mine did not take place at home and it raises some ancillary issues that might be of interest to others.

    At the time I lived in Stockton, People's Republic of California, and my folks in Mojave about 300 miles distant. My father was suffering from cancer and was quickly nearing the end of his life, as we all knew. As a result, my wife and I traveled to Mojave every weekend at least to be with him as much as possible before the end. On one occasion we were heading home down Highway 99 in the Central Valley about just at dusk. My wife was driving and I was dozing in the passenger seat. This stretch of the highway, just north of Madera, was virtually deserted at that time of night because most of the traffic ran on Interstate 5. That was the reason we had chosen that road. Suddenly my wife shouted, "Rich, get the gun." She knew that I always carried my .45 1911 with a full mag hidden under clothes in the suite case in the back seat, and the idiot laws of the People's Republic be damned! Anyway, a beat up old Chevy was behind us, full of what appeared to be drunks (hell, they were throwing beer cans out the window!) and they were purposely trying to run my wife off the road. Fortunately, she's a good driver, but what was about to happen was pretty clear. I grabbed the .45, and as the Chevy pulled up next to us, I could see the occupants of the other car clearly. There were four of them. As they started to edge over, I brought up the .45 so they could see it clearly :cool: , then quite purposefully, jacked a round up the spout (I was loaded with 230 grain hardball). I told my wife, "if those SOBs move one inch closer, they're dead meat." Fortunately, that didn't happen. I don't believe I've ever seen someone express such fright on his face, or turn as white, as the idiot who was sitting in the front passenger seat! :D He said something to the driver that I'll just leave to your imagination. In any event, they sped up like you would not believe (probably burning every valve in that old Chevy) and took off like the proverbial "bat out of hell." We stopped in the next town and called the Highway Patrol and described the incident (forgetfully leaving out the part about the .45, I might add ;) ), but I never heard anything more concerning the report I made.

    The point to all this, I think, is that no matter where you happen to be, however safe and comfortable you might feel, there can always be potential danger lurking. Be prepared. You're not likely to get a second chance.
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    Thanks for the story, and the reminder to always be prepared.
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    That is one reason why I allways carry a gun, and allways will because you never know what might happen while you are out there in the jungle.Thanks for the story I like happy endings. I would hate to think of how the story would have turned out if you had not been armed. :D
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    Thanks Shooter

    I enjoied the read

    I guess trouble seeks me out, there have been a few little incidents since the one in the garage apt, I had my fill of a drunk on a sunday afternoon ( Short story ) and a few dogs through the years...Just enough every now and then to remind me that I dont want to leave home without a little firepower.

    I run in the evenings about 3 miles a day, especially in the winter when I'm not working as much and I always carry a cell phone in one pocket of my sweats and a little 6oz KelTec .380 in the other pocket...Well, the other night I grabbed a 3oz bottle of MK-4 instead of the pistol and took off...About 4 blocks away a pit bull got after me so I sprayed him, then the angry owner jumped in the truck and came up the street to discuss her concerns, I really didn't want to spray a lady no matter how big and ugly she was so the phone came in real handy to call the police where the Officer and I could both politely tell her how fortunate her dog was that I wasn't carring my .380 :D

    I guess I told that little story to express how I know carring around a bunch of junk is uncomfortable, I'd much rather exersize without this stuff bouncing around in my pockets, but the second you need any of it...It all becomes invaluable.

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