A video parody of Hitler's downfall is...offensive.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mosin_Nagant_Fan, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Mosin_Nagant_Fan

    Mosin_Nagant_Fan Active Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Montgomery, AL
    I won't quote the entire article but it's an interesting, if not humorous, read.

  2. kingnothingugm

    kingnothingugm Member

    Feb 7, 2009
    Those clips are actually pretty hilarious. Thats amazing.

  3. Mosin_Nagant_Fan

    Mosin_Nagant_Fan Active Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Montgomery, AL
    I could see the one about the Jewish church parking lot one, I mean, many things with Hitler and Jews will offend someone down the line, but it wasn't made to offend anyone, intentionally.

    W00t! 1130 posts, so far.
  4. RunningOnMT

    RunningOnMT New Member

    Nov 19, 2008
    Akron, Ohio
    I am extremely sensitive to issues of antisemitism and am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people but I found these parodies hilarious. They don't humanize him in my opinion, rather portray him as an idiot. During WWII parodies of hitler were common in the UK and U.S. and I don't think any of those were meant to be flattering.
  5. Vladimir

    Vladimir New Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    Issaquah WA
    A) This is dumb.

    B) It is dumb the company wants them taken down. They are the only reason Downfall is on my Blockbuster que, never would have heard of it otherwise.
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