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    Jan 31, 2001
    Marty Robbins old hometown, Glendale Arizona--a su
    I shoudn't do that but I always do---I get so caught up in the news and current events that it makes me 'punchy'. The last couple days have been stressful just watching from a distance--not being involed in any way except gawking at the goings-on there on the screen. I speak of the terrible tragedy over in Russia---the school chidren being caught up in a situation that they don't even comphrend, let alone able to do anything about. Then the weather conditions down in Florida---those poor folks were just getting off the ropes from that last beating they got---. Here in our own community last week law enforcement had a terrible toll taken on them---5 officers shot and wounded in as many days---2 dead with their funeral services being broadcast along with all the grieving and pathos accompanying such events. Now, that was just the openers---the political events with the tumult and the shouting---those occurances over in the combat zones seemed almost to take a backseat to these I have just related. Perhaps--just maybe, this week will have some good news---yeah, maybe all 7 of the televisions here in my home will break down all at once and I'll get the breathing space I need. Let me ask you---are you addicted to the news---can't leave it be---just sneak in to watch even though you have made a pledge not to---like sneaking into the refrigerator during the night---poo-pawing the ridgid diet you are on---. Months ago I boycotted the local newspaper---that helped to a degree---gave me more time to watch and listen rather than have to read it!!!! Ever had one of those times when you say to yourself, "ME THINKS YOU PROTEST TOO LOUDLY"? Enjoy your week Fellow Americans---if you get to feeling overwhelmed with it all, go to a dark corner and sulk---see if your optimistic partner cuts you any slack!!! Chief
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    May 22, 2004
    I'm sort of in the same boat, but I only have one TV and it only gets 2 stations. On 9/11 my philosophy professor wanted to talk about it instead of class, there was something else going on that I had wanted to attend so I excused myself from phil class. Then on the 13th he offered us the opportunity to discuss it some more and of course the young kids said they wanted to, I had no excuse that time. I got pretty riled up and suggested that we could solve the problem pretty quick if we could figure out how to use radioactive crude oil.

    I read the Indy Star on days that I have classes (free copies on campus), other than that I generally only watch the weather on TV.

    PS, I can't hardly read anything in the board you moderate, and that, of course, is mostly old news.
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    One of the nicest thing that has happened in this place where we live was when they shut down the TV repeaters. Now, we don't receive any TV and I have to get my news from the net. As I spend WAAAAY too much time monitoring and commenting on forums, I don't get much news thrown in my face at all.

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    Feb 24, 2004
    I am also a news and information addict. TV, internet, cell phone, print media, short wave, scanners, weather bands, you name it!! There is nothing wrong with being informed about the world around you. It makes for a better citizen. Information is vital.
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    I used to be, chief, but as I've grown older and wiser(?) I am much more selective to who I listen too and what I watch. I try not to focus on any of the sceamers and ranters, I do enough of that myself, however I do try and find the shows where everyone can sit and intelligently discuss the issues as well as disagree with civility.

    That baldheaded damnocrat James Carville can't prove his position on ANY so he just stands up a tires to outshout everyone else in the room.

    And this poor guy claims to be an intellectual, can't prove it by me. He acts just like I did when I was drinking and drugging, getting frustrated and started screaming and raising hell because things weren't going MY way.

    Childish little man. Actually not worth spending this many words on.

    My apologies for taking up your time.


  6. offeror

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    May 17, 2004
    NE Indiana
    It's easy to do. I remember the "jones" when the FIRST Gulf war was over. Nothing to watch on CNN!?

    The antidote is to wait for a period of time when there's nothing on but celebrity court cases. That's "aversion therapy" for me every time... :D
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