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    I think that the best time for the action to take place is in 1943 after the Kursk battle; at that time dark clouds start to cover Germany, but still they were no defetead by any means. I'm not sure, but I think that the sniper version of the M1 garand came in 1945 at best or more provable after the war and first saw action in Korea. All the american sniper stories that I have read of ww2 a sniper version of the springfield 1903 was employed. In 1941 most of the american army was still using springfields or US Enfields, so is very unlikelly of becker to have an M1 from the 30s. For the asault troops for this time is better if you arm them with regular mausers and MP 40s and not with any exotic experimental wepons of wish very few where ever made. Still maybe Becker could have purchased a 1911 in a trip to the US prior to the war. Still I think that the best option and more realistic is the FN HP that was a favorite of Fallshimjagers and wafen SS doe to its hi capacity.

    QUOTE=Wolery;295964]Hey P DF! SOrry it took me so long to respond, but that's neither here nor there.

    Resaon why this Becker fellow ambushes Hiter in Berlin is because his 10th Army is in town being redeploye d to the East, and can seize control of the capital effectively. And Himmler is not with Hitler, but they and Gorebells are all in town and Becker hope to whack them all quickly.

    I will have to look up the G43, but I intended the troops to be armed with two semi-hisotrical guns: the StG-41 and the G35 'Pinger.' The first is the 44 introduced in late 41, and the latter is an M1 Gernad Becker stole back in 1930. I figure Becker's got to change a good deal of the history of the Wehrmacht, mostly in tightening the bolts to give the Germans a change to fight on past late 44. I ain't got the map with me, but Germany is still losing the war, but not nearly as badly. If they resist and there are no nukes, it will take at least until early 47 to beat them.

    If the M1 Gerand is not useful as a sniper rifle, could you tell me why, or how a 43 variant of this 'Pinger' could possibly increase performance?

    Thanks! :)
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