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    AIR ATTACK!!!!!!!
    more fun... a couple of weeks later....

    Two other guys put together a rather large flying model of a WWII plane called the “Black Widow”… I think that it was some kind a medium bomber ..

    The thing had a wingspan of almost six feet!!

    Two really big gas engines in it and was radio controlled…..

    When they flew it for the first time… they flew it over the antenna field and out to where the SVN Basic training camp was.

    Well……guess what???

    The SVN opened up on it like it was an enemy aircraft in their airspace!!!!!

    AA was firing at it….and ground troops used their small arms ..

    Hell.. they even had a Twin-40 shooting at the damn thing!!!

    The sky was full of AA Flak… the alarms were going off all over the place


    And I didn’t do it this time….

    Of course, the AA fire couldn’t hit it because it was only two or three hundred feet off the ground and they were shooting at it …. Maybe at the 3000 foot level….

    It is really hard to guess the distance to a small aircraft like that….

    When the guys landed the plane they were surrounded by maybe fifty MP’s SP’s AP’s and another other kind of “P” you could name!

    Even the QC’s tried to get on post to get at that plane.. but our MP’s held them at the gate by gunpoint!!

    LOL… they damn nearly had a shoot-out at the gate!!!!

    If no one had panicked .. they would have heard the very, very distinct sound of a model aircraft engine… but they were spooked and just tried to light it up….

    Yes… the PX pulled ALL the toys off the shelves…

    And we all went back to being bored again……


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    Re: AIR ATTACK!!!!!!!
    Now "thats" hillarious Mith .....

    Wish I could of been there to see that one .....

    Ya think maybe if they would of had some of them G.I. JOEs with the kung fu grip we could of all came home earlier and had you and the gang send out some of them drones into the boonies ...

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