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    So we all know how each military aircraft has a number designation preceded by a letter or even several letters, ex. F-15, B-52, EA-6 etc...
    What I am curious about specifically are some of the letter designations. I know F is for Fighter, B =Bomber, A =Attack, K =Re fueler, C =Cargo

    What are some of the other letter designations you can think of, and what do they stand for?

  2. ilovenxstage

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    Jan 14, 2009
    AH = Attack helicopter
    UH = Utility helicopter (I think)
    CH = Cargo helicopter

    In WWII, fighter planes were designated with a P (P-40, P-51, etc), which stood for Pursuit.

  3. LurpyGeek

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    Q = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    M = Multi-Mission

    Most broad types of aircraft use the more common designations. F = Fighter, B = Bomber. Some of the types that are more specialized and few in number use more uncommon designations. SR-71 (Strategic Reconnaissance), U-2 (Utility).

    Some dedicated bombers were given fighter designations because fighters are sexier and that way they could get pilots to fly them and sell the project to the politicians. (F-111, F-117).
  4. F.Q = SR 71 Blackbird ............the Q is for quick :D:D:D:D
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    RC reconnaissance aircraft
    KC refueling aircraft
    FB fighter bomber
  6. Back in the early days (before WW II) and slightly after, the different services used different ways of identifying aircraft. For example, the Air Force called it a C-47 while the Navy called the same aircraft a R4D and the Air Force C-119 was a R4Q2 for the Marines. Now can anyone tell me what a ZPG-2W was? I flew on one as a crew member. Answer-------- a blimp, Z-- Zepplin, P----Patrol, G----Goodyear (the maker),2- second model made, W---- early warning, it had long range and height finding radar installed.
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    us army designation systems 1924
    at advanced trainer
    bt basic trainer
    c transport
    f photographic
    L liason
    o observation
    r rotary wing

    c transport
    h helicopter
    t trainer
    u utility
    v vert take off/landing
    x research

    ac airplane cargo
    ao airplane observation
    au airplane utility
    hc helicopter cargo
    ho h........... observation
    HU h.......... utility
    vz vert to/landibing research a/c

    more next time
  8. I think they sometimes use FUBAR to designate aircraft in the early stages of development. :D;)
  9. citydesk175

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    Jan 5, 2009
    or FUBB (fouled up beyond belief)
  10. 21bravo

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    no no.. you fellas are getting those confused for SNAFU.:rolleyes: SITUATION NORMAL : ALL "FOULED" UP :p:cool:
  11. And then for the poor pilots who have to test fly them, it's BOHICA. :D;)
  12. Tom

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    EA is electronic attack. EA-6B, EA-18G (replacing the EA-6B)
    EF-111 was electronic attack version of the F-111.

    While it doesn't show up in the designations, there are several types of fighters: interceptors, fighter bombers, day VFR fighters, all weather fighters, point defense fighters, Fleet defense fighters, to name a few. Some aircraft fit into multiple categories.
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    I worked on L-19, H-13, H-34, H19, U1A and SOBs. That last one was the L-19s that they installed the ARC-44 behind the center weight in the tail. The only one who could get to it without taking skin off the airplane was somebody who weighed less than 100 lbs. So, you had a choice of taking off the skin of the plane or taking off the skin of your back and knees.

    We changed that with the new installation for avionics in Europe. The shop guys in Ft Rucker were not pleased with us, and proceeded to call us nasty names, as they had to call in all the CONUS craft and retrofit them. That bothered us, :p

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