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Discussion in 'Knives & Edged Items' started by IBFrank, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. IBFrank

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    May 7, 2006
    So. Ohio
    :D Was looking through a friend's Bud K knives catalog and what did I see? A sopposedly Russian AK-47 bayonet in real good to like new shape. It has a clipped point, saw back, reddish Baeklite handle and wire cutter scabbard, but no frog. AND it came with an as new 2 pocket magazine pouch of heavy green canvas w/leather pin-in-hole type closures.AND it was only $14.95 + shipping. Electric pencil ser.# match to blade & scabbard. It took only a tiny bit of trimming to lock onto my Yugo AK. In a new catalog was a fake, but almost parade dress (or maybe ((retch!)) politically correct)looking AK bayo with a plain SS blade, wood handle and stainless steel latch & barrel loop for $12.99 +. Might get that one for when I feel like getting dressed up...Nyuk, and going to a liberal gathering somewhere. Nyuk!
    The Russian has the looks that just might be a collector's item, but maybe not. I tried to scan it but my scanner is, like me, old. Blade looks new, handle has seen better times. It has a round checkered button release. Anybody seem a real Russian AK bayo that sounds like this description?
    My Yugo AK only came w/2 30 rd. mags and a box. It's like brand new with the thick 1.5mm RPK receiver, "slant cut break", and teak stock. The buttstock sucks! I have to mash my cheek into it to see the sights. And other quirks; the rear sling loop is on the receiver rear over the trigger assy., no cleaning kit hole in the butt, and no bolt hold open. The slant break can be unscrewed after pushing in a spring loaded pin. Other than that, It's a great shooting Sturmgewehr. :cool:
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