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    I am looking at purchasing an AK or SKS. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Additionally, there are varied types from several different countries (Romanian, Russian, China, etc.) what are the ones to stay away from? Lastly, I see discussion concerning bayonets, grenade launchers, chrome lined barrels, 30 round capability, ATF approved.....I just want a good affordable shooter for plinking and playing (and hold 30 rds if possible).

    I am going to the gun shop at lunch and I will see what they have and get back to the Board with more questions.


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    Re: AK or SKS
    Chuck 'em...get an FAL.




    or this could be fun too!

    Everyone's Doing It!!!

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    Chrome lined barrell is typically used in military guns because the barrell lasts longer.

    I have been troubled by the same question and believe I'm going for the AK-47 by SAIGA in 7.62X39 because it only cost 159.00 brand new.

    You all I hate to keep pushing www.cdnninvestments.com but when you compare their prices to the over inflated prices on the auction sites you will quit shopping the auciton sites. You have to download the flier or call them.

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    "have been troubled by the same question and believe I'm going for the AK-47 by SAIGA in 7.62X39 because it only cost 159.00 brand new."

    More than likely....this is a 10 round-5 round single stacker, which means it will not accept high capacity magazines---so the price is not all that great......as many are in that range of dollars......


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    Re: AK
    Where'd ya go, Jack?
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    Go to AR15.com then click on " AK " . Everything you need to know can be found . Good luck
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    I have both an AK and a SKS and I definately have an opinion on this topic. I have compared my SKS and AK over and over out on our property where I have some privacy and can do thing that you couldn't really do at a range.

    Both the SKS and AK are reliable rifles. I would say that my (Chinese) SKS, and (Romanian) AK are equal in reliability.

    ---So with that said, I have to talk about features. The SKS comes with a 10 round attatched magazine that is loaded by stripper clips, conventional stock, longer barrel (higher velocity), the same cleaning rod and cleaning kit, and has a "milled" reciever. The milled parts make it sturdier and it feels less like a toy.

    ---The AK comes with a high capacity magazine, shorter barrel (lower velocity), pistol grip, same cleaning rod and kit, but has a "stamped" reciever. The stamped reciever has a hollow sound and cheap feel in comparison.

    I think the sturdyness of the SKS is better with the "milled" parts. Feildstripping is easier on the AK (Neither is really difficult though). Target aquisition is much easier with the SKS. You have to crunch your neck to aim the AK. My SKS has the short barrel so it weighs about the same as the AK and about same length.

    My conclusion is that a slightly modified SKS is better for me than the AK. On my SKS I added a "Tapco" pisol grip, "DC Engineering" muzzle brake, and a "USA" high capacity detatcheable magazines. Some high cap mags work great and some have problems. You just have to try them and see, but once you get good ones you're good to go. The pistol grip makes a huge difference and brings it up to par with the AK.

    Basically the only thing I can't do with my SKS that I can do with my AK is use the round drum magazines. But you can use AK mags and drums with a SKS "Model D" or "Model M". The SKS has a higher muzzel velocity (good for deer hunting and distance). Personally I think my SKS with the short barrel and pistol grip looks cool. You may like the look of the AK better with its two-piece stock (forestock and buttstock). But I think the AK stock is a bit harder to hold, aim, and keep from getting burnt.

    Neither choice is better than the other but if you get an AK you will probably want to change the buttstock to a longer one. You can get scope mounts that hook to the siderail for either the AK or SKS at http://www.kalinkaoptics.com . The SKS is a little cheaper but the AK mags are cheaper than the SKS detatcheable mags.

    So you can see that I'm torn and I had to have both. But I started out with the SKS. Beware, once you have one you will want them all!:)

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    Forgot to mention

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I also have a 12ga Saiga made by Izhmash like the guy above had talked about. They are a kalishnikov action just like an AK but they are very high quality. They have a sporter stock so they are much like a regular American hunting rifle as far as looks but with an AK action.

    Several companies do take these and convert them into AKs which makes sense since Izhmash was the original Russian company to build the AK. They come in many calibers including shotguns.

    When you buy one of these that have been converted the price will vary according to who converted it. The cheapest one was imported by Century Arms and converted by the Hesse company. Hesse is now out of business and is badmouthed widely on many forums. Here's the deal... everyone I have ever talked to who has owned a Hesse rifle had had huge amounts of problems. But everyone I ahve talked to who has had a Hesse "converted" Izhmash Saiga has had no problems. I personally have only held them but never shot one. They look and feel nice.

    Only some of them will accept high capacity mags so watch out.

    Another company who converts these Saigas is "Krebs". But they are expensive. Probably worth it though.

    If you just want a regular Saiga that has not been converted to look like an AK, they are the best quality. Really nice rifles and shotguns.
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    My God

    Jeez... my last post I swear. I just forgot to say above in the section about AK vs. SKS...

    The AK safety/dust cover is loud, akward to reach, and somewhat harder to move than the SKS safety. Although it works fine.

    The SKS safety is properly placed, works fine, can be reached with one finger, and can be switched silently. A plus for hunting.

    This topic is discussed here also...


    ... and there is a poll on this very question.
  5. Hello there...

    Welcome Messiah Jones!...Jump into any of the Forums..I'll throw a little twist into the dilemna of AK or SKS...my best of both worlds...edit...*I almost forgot...Yep, she's the milled one!*...

    Polytech National Match, Long Barrel...AK...;)

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    Polytech (Smokin Guns)

    Polytech... is that Norinco (Chinese)?

    Thanks for the welcome Smokin Guns.
  7. Yepper's...Chinese...

    Yep, but not Norinco...Polytech is it's own manufacturer and considered by...well me and a few others...to be far superior to any Norinco...[​IMG]
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    Welcome to TFF MJ, sounds like you are a man whom has done his homework on SKS and AK's. Enjoy the site.
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    Hey Man,
    For what it’s worth, the SKS has my vote. Both rifles have their high points, but the SKS is so much cheaper that I bought one instead of an AK. It was only $140 at a gun show. It's a Yugo with a milled reciever, ammo pouch, cleaning kit, bayonet, and about 20 gallons of cosmoline. I really can’t see why they’re less popular than AK’s. The only real downside is that the SKS doesn’t come with a detachable magazine. This is probably better for the shooter on a budget anyway. And, if you really want one, you can add an aftermarket one. The AK feels better to shoot offhand in my opinion (pistol grip is good) and the action cycling sounds so cool it’s ridiculous. (Tch-chink!)

    But, the SKS is more comfortable to shoot from a prone or bench position and its ammo is cheaper, too.

    Just my opinion.

    By the way, I own an SKS and have put about a hundred rounds through my buddy’s AK on three or four occasions.
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    May 10, 2003
    sks or ak

    Well I agree about the SKS, although they are about equal really. You can get high capacity mags and pistol grips for the SKS if that is your taste.

    I have a Yugo SKS too. It is nicely built and cheap. I like using the stripper clips.

    But I also have a Chinese short barrelled SKS with a pistol grip and high cap mags that is much easier to handle. That is the one that I compare to the AK.

    The Yugo is an actual "rifle" which is very nice from the bench, like you said. I love them all. The only problem with the SKS is that you can't own just one. They are addictive. And there are so many customizations you can do that you will need a few to do all the things you like.

    Congrats on the Yugo, the prices are going up on them, and they are very nice. You probably got one just in time.
  11. Hey!...

    Let's shoot these "Pup's"...at some paper and see what they (or we) can do...;)
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    May 10, 2003

    Hey Smokin' Guns... I like your avatar!

    You guys may know about it already but check out this forum if you like the SKS...


    They have a shooting match going on right now.

    Don't get me wrong, I like this board a lot, but I came here from there and that is my home. :) Although as I get into more types of firearms I will use this forum more.
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    I don't know how I missed this thread before, but I'm just now seeing it.

    Most of you know I have 8 SKS's, so it's pretty obvious where my allegiance lies. ;) The Kalashnikov design is OK, but just isn't in the same category as the Simonov design. They both have merits, but I just prefer the Simonov design.
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    Messiah Jones, Come on over anytime!...[​IMG]
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    The way I see it, the SKS has it all over the AKM sheet metal guns in terms of construction. The only area where there is a perceived problem is in ammunition on board. The AK's 30 rounds versus the 10 rounds of the SKS sounds like a problem until you figure out that for aimed fire that is intended to hit a specific target, ten rounds is usually plenty. The stripper clips allow one to replenish the weapon quite handily.

    Now the AK milled frame guns are another story, particularly if the third gear option is available.