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  1. magnum74

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    Mar 31, 2003
    AK or SKS?

    Well....I have to say I'm torn between this subject. Both have their downfalls and superiorities. Need I say the facts? AK...pistol grip, high capacity(including drum mags and 40+ rounders), small, light, and A LOT of accessories! The SKS...chrome lined barrel, longer barrel(better bullet characteristics), better accuracy, 2 sizes of SKS's available, hi-capacity capable, pistol grip capable, no bulky mags to carry, decent amount of accessories as well and so much cheaper than an AK! But one thing I like about the 2 of them...durability and survivablity. We all know the good things about these rifles anyways. Why do I need to say all this? LOL.

    Personally, I dont own an AK, but have fired one....I like it....but for me, it has a short pull. Very small rifle for me. The 75 round drum that my friend had in it was NICE though! LOL....I thought I'd never run out of bullets...LOL. The accuracy of course is not the best with a short barrel like the AK's. Oh yeah, burnt my finger too on the barrel.

    The SKS on the other hand. It has the perfect size for me. Of course I had to get one with a synthetic stock. I wish I had one to accept AK mags, but the 10 round or 20 round fixed magazine will do just fine. The stripper clips are a hell of a lot cheaper to buy next to hi cap mags.

    All in all, both weapons are great to have and are reliable. I should've bought an AK when I had the chance. But I plan to move out of Kalifornia, so it won't be long til I get one. One is truly an assualt weapon the other more classy, but just as capable. Two different tools for different jobs. For those who have both, "The more the merrier". Those who just have one of the 2, "I'll get one sooner or later"
  2. Yep!...

    Same as magnum74 says, try em both out!...The Long barrel Ak's will match up with the SKS's...for distance anytime!...Third Gear!...hehhehheh!...[​IMG]

  3. magnum74

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    Mar 31, 2003
    Oh Yeah...

    Totally agree with the long barrel AKs Smoking Guns. Personally I haven't really seen a long barrel AK, for the exception of the Drugunov and RPK. But nonetheless, I agree.
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    May 8, 2003
    sks or AK

    well ive got to vote SKS. I have a Yugo 59/66 and havent been happier with a rifle ever. Cheap to shoot, easy to take care of, and just fun as a plinker. Accurate out to 250-300 yards with the iron sights and 200 rounds lasts all day at the range if I dont go to the rapid fire area. :D I did notice some posts RE chrome lined barrels and for the record the Yugo does NOT have a chrome lined barrel. All it means is I have to clean it ASAP after shooting. As I am writing this I am figuering a way to take a squirt bottle to the range with a 50%50% ammonia/water mix for running down the barrel right after Im done shooting. Check your local laws before doing any changes to a SKS. Im happy with the stripper clips and with a little pratice you can load them pretty darn fast. My neighbor has a Romanian SKS and compared to the Yugo , its lighter and has a smaller feel to it. I like the Yugo better for the feel and it fits me better than the Rom. Take a look over @ www.sksboards.com and you will find some good info on the difference between the different SKS's.
    stay safe stay armed
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    Mar 26, 2003
    Slap two feet of Douglas Premium Stainless blank on the action, set your chamber to minimum, and blow out the shoulder a bit, maybe .022", make up a gas block with a cutoff so you don't lose the good brass in the deep poison ivy, and you have a tack driver of a rifle that will accomodate anything you want to whack inside 200 yards. It will still eat the milsurp rounds too, although you will get the occasional shoulder split with the steel cases.

    I have used sabots with this gun also, and it will give the .22-250 a run for its money on coyotes. I did build a peep sight for the rear receiver cover, and stabilized that on the receiver. Am also using a finer front sight ( off P.14 Enfield).

    All in all, it is a field rifle that has the best of applications for my use from the tractor.

    If you speak machine shop, this is not a prohibitive exercise. If you have to pay to have it done, you can buy a match ARF 15 for about the same money.