Alabama Boat Launch video

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    Every truck that went in to rescue the explorer was a POS to begin with. The tractors were the only things worth saving and the explorer.
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    You'l get no bashing from me Bob. I have a couple of step brothers up your way. One lives in Seattle & the other in Portland. The Pacific NW among the most beautiful places on God's Earth. But, I don't think I could stand living up there.

    You guys are heroes to me. :D

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    That reminded me of a adventure I had back in my single days. I took a girl to a deserted boat ramp for some "fun." I parked as close to the shore as possible so I couldn't be seen from the road. Well after we did the deed, it was time to leave. The damm car wouldn't start! Then to add insult to injury I found out that we got there on low tide and it was coming in! We had to walk for several miles until we saw a car coming. There were three guys in it thank God. When we got back the tide was half way up the radiator! We pulled it out in the nick of time. One of the guys asked what was wrong with it and I told him no spark. He cut a wire from my speakers and showed me the ballast resistor on the firewall and said that's the problem. He jumped it with that wire and she fired right up! Heck of a evening but she was fine and it was worth it!
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