Alabama Disabled Deer Hunt

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    From: "BADF Disabled Services" <>
    Subject: Brookwood, Alabama Rifle Deer Hunt in Rut
    Brookwood, Alabama Rifle Deer Hunt

    Some fine gentlemen with 12,000 acres near Brookwood, Alabama would like to host a weekend hunt for bucks and does on December 8-10, 2006. The lease has been managed for several years and can produce some very good deer. We will be hunting mainly green fields. Bucks must be six point or better unless the hunter has never taken a deer before.

    Most hunters will have to take care of paying their own motel rooms in Vance, AL. If you have never been on a special disabled hunt with any organization or group before you may qualify for some financial aid. Please indicate accordingly below if you have low income, never been on a special hunt before, and are asking for assistance.

    To get your name put in for this hunt please provide the information requested below back to by September 15th. Please don’t apply if you are not serious about attending. All hunters will be required to sign a release of liability before hunting. Please email with any questions. Non resident hunters will be required to supply their own license which is $77.

    Email questions and answers to

    1. Full Name
    2. Complete Mailing Address plus email address
    3. Phone Numbers
    4. Age
    5. Type and Extent of Disability or Illness?
    6. Number of Deer Taken?
    6a. Number of Deer Taken Since Disabled/ill?
    7. If in wheelchair, manual or electric?
    8. What Kind of vehicle will you bring to the hunt?
    9. If selected, will you have to bring a non-hunting attendant with you?
    10. How long have you been disabled/ill?
    11. How often do you hunt each year?
    12. Will you need financial help to attend the hunt (only available if you have never been on a hunt like this)?
    13. If needing financial assistance, please indicate in detail what you need and the estimated amounts.
    14. If applying for financial assistance, indicate your gross individual income for the tax year 2004 (must be under $20,000 for you individually).

    Please email your answers back to
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    Dec 1, 2005
    I never read this post until now. Now that it is to late, I would have qualified for the hunt. Well maybe next year! What put me off was why anybody would want to hunt "Alabama Disabled Deer". If they are as disabled as I am, I think they should be allowed to die of old age! This is what my kids are doing. Or I think so, maybe they are signing up folks for the,"Great Kansas Disabled Hunt".

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