Alliant Black MZ in .38 S&W

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  1. Dutchboy

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    Jun 5, 2010
    Had some fun today with a smoky, snub nose revolver. Thought I would share some data.

    Revolver with 2.5" barrel.

    38 S&W (NOT 38 Special)
    145gr LRN
    Alliant Black MZ - Full cartridge, slightly compressed (Safety Note: Black MZ is a BLACK POWDER substitute. Don't completely fill any cartridge with SMOKELESS powder or your gun will probably blow up. Trailboss might be the only possible exception, but it's still not a good idea.)
    OAL 1.160"

    Mild recoil with quite a bit of smoke. High fun factor.

    Velocity: 440 fps

    I was surprised by the low velocity. I'm thinking that's because of the short barrel.

    Anybody else have some results with 38 S&W black powder that they would like to share? I'm curious if someone has tried this with a longer barrel.
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