Alt retires from the Pa Game Commission

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    Dr. Gary Alt, Pennsylvania Game Commission Deer Management Section Supervisor, submitted a letter announcing his retirement effective Dec. 31.

    In acknowledging Dr. Alt's retirement, Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross noted that the job of deer management section supervisor was not an easy task.

    "Gary took on a difficult job trying to manage Pennsylvania's most controversial big game species," Ross said. "It was perhaps the most challenging job in the state, and there was no way anyone in his position could please everyone. Hunters see too few deer, while landowners, such as farmers and foresters, state there are too many deer.

    "There are a lot of people out there who think that they could do this job. What they don't realize is that not many people could last more than a few months due to the competing viewpoints. Dr. Alt stood up to the challenge for more than five years."

    Ross also noted that Dr. Alt did a tremendous job of trying to get the message out to Pennsylvanians about the need for balancing the deer with its habitat.

    "For three years, Dr. Alt traveled across Pennsylvania to meet with hunters and nonhunters, as well as the news media, to explain the reasons and rationale behind the changes he was proposing for deer management," Ross said. "It was because of this effort, I believe, he was able to gain the support for antler restrictions, the concurrent rifle deer season and the Deer Management Assistance Program from hunters, legislators, landowners and other wildlife enthusiasts."
    Heard he was going thru a nasty divorce, guess his wife was a hunter!

    His plan along with the game commission sleeping with the politicians, along with catering to insurance companies, and the big forestry companies, has virtually wiped out one of the best white-tail States in the country!

    Basically their hidden agenda was to virtually reduce the herd into near extinction! There is damm near a revolution going on here, many Hunters are pissed, more heads will roll, and The Pa Game Commission is going to lose tons of Revenue!

    Worst Ive ever seen it in my lifetime!!! Good riddance!!!!
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