Am I just stupid or uninformed

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    Pumping more virtual green paper into the economy creates the illusion of prosperity. But what it really means is that we all have less - devaluing the currency has that effect - we call it "inflation". That's how Democratic presidents have traditionally gotten re-elected and paid national war debt for pennies on the dollar. We'll pay for it about six years out in a big way. You kids are probably too young to remember what Kennedy and Johnson did to the economy - and how much trouble Nixon and Ford had in getting things under marginal control again. We're still paying for the "boom years" of the early 1960's and Vietnam. Clinton did pretty much the same thing (as well as having shipped all our manufacturing capability to China and putting huge numbers of Americans out of work).
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    i believe the exact wording of that saying goes:

    a recession is when your neighbor loses his job.
    a depression is when you lose your job.
    a recovery is when obama loses his :D
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    He's also sending troops to Korea. My son got his orders to go to Korea around one month ago. He goes for one year and leaves next summer.
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    Spin, Spin, Spin, "If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's probably a duck"! Come November 2012 you know who's Goose is Cooked! What you boy's stated above is all true and everyone knows it, all the spin in the world won't change it.
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