Am I the only one who does this? Target organization and display.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Remington597, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    I work as a mortgage underwriter for a major financial institution, which basically means I decision(approve,decline, counteroffer) real estate loans all day. I have been described as anal retentive by family, friends, and co-workers, and I readily admit to this.
    I save my 6 inch targets and chronologically organize them in digital photo albums in both hard copy and soft copy on disc. I organize them by weapons type and date, distance,and also by caliber.
    Is this excessive or am I just obsessive compulsive?.
    My friends at the range chuckle, but there are a few who do the same thing.

    Photos to illustrate my point


    This is an effective way to track one's progress with their favorite firearms at certain ranges ,etc.

    Does anyone else do this?
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  2. keppler

    keppler Member

    May 3, 2003
    Eastern Oklahoma
    I've tried this but never thought about doing it digitally. I could scan them and put them on a disk like you say. Good idea. I always ended up throwing the paper targets away cause they kept getting in the way or was just to much trouble to mess with.
    Thanks for the tip.

  3. gpostal

    gpostal Former Guest

    Feb 20, 2003
    nope ,save a few good ones thats about it
  4. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    You're very welcome. I only keep the 6 inchers because they fit nicely into the digital album ,plus there is nothing like hard evidence. I am glad I could help. Like I said, tracking one's progress and even for formal/informal competition, its very organized, which is what I like.:)
  5. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member do have those Lorcin and that Jennings pistol in your be ?

  6. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    I have never owned a Lorcin or a Jennings.
    You see the following firearms in my signature line, in order.

    1. Smith & Wesson A22
    2. Rossi Taurus .357
    3. Kel Tec P32
    4. Kel Tec P3AT .380
    5.Marlin SS and SSK model 60
    6.Ruger 10/22 and Remington 597.

    I have no idea where you got the notion that I own Lorcins or Jennings.
  7. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    LOL !!!!!

    Oh, they're kel teks.......sorry.. :D

  8. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    Kel Tecs are exemplary back up pistols, but they are 4 times the price of a Jennings or Lorcin, and no comparison. They have lifetime warranties and are exceedingly reliable. Most law enforcement officers carry Kel Tec backups.
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  9. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    Waddya think folks......should I harrang him some more......or leave him alone?

    Seriously Rem....

    I did'nt know.......

  10. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    I say go for it, or spare a fellow brother with an ulcer.:D
  11. Remington597

    Remington597 Former Guest

    Feb 24, 2004
    oops, wrong thread. I am loosing it. LOL
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  12. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    Yep !

    You're loosing it for sure...

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  13. BlackGun

    BlackGun New Member

    Jun 15, 2001
    Our local law enforcement have fallen in Love with the Kel-Tec
    they are light weight and reliable. Since a large majority of them carry and like Glock's, they like the mini tactical Tupperware.
    We cant keep emon the shelf.
  14. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    Really? Wow!! I'll have to take a look at one.....

    I knew for sure that Lorcins and Jennings were el crappo, and so i assumed that all the cheapies were.....
    I've heard bad things about Highpoints, although i had a 9mm high point rifle that was fun and pretty reliable.....i figured it was a fluke?

    I was of the assumption that the only "cheapie" that was worth buying was those .380 makarovs.....

    huh....go figure..

  15. berto64

    berto64 Active Member

    My KelTech P32 slides right in my front pants pocket and is unnoticable. It goes every where I do and no one is the wiser.
    And yep, I do have a CCW. Idaho is a shall issue state.

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