american eagle tactical tracers XM856 and barrel wear

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by dammitman, Dec 13, 2010.

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    hello, i just found and bought several boxes of these tracers for an AR-15 and am wondering what anyone actually factually knows about the excessive barrel wear will be experienced from its use. please dont post about the dangers of the fires possible from its use, i get it. what i am wondering is what anyone has actually experienced from using tracers and doing so ruined a perfectly good gun and barrel. i was told by one person who got it from hearsay that its when someone loads 30 or more rounds back to back and fires them fast that is what the real problem is but if one would just put one or 2 thru a barrel once in awhile it wouldnt be any different than any other ammo use. does anyone have any insight on this? facts are best, opinions are taken under advisment,,,,,:) by the way, the ammo was on sale at DUNHAMS, 7.99 per 20
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  2. i dont think you could afford enough tracers to ruin a barrel in an ar.the main thing is they are dirty and a semi constant diet would foul out the barrel with out a good cleaning.the other thing is they are lit by friction,they dont light off in the chamber but on down the barrel.i will not as you say preach about fire thats your call, but if you are doing a lot of firing at night i am sure eventually the police will get envolved. old semperfi

  3. dammitman

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    Feb 1, 2009
    after doing more reading and research opn the subject, it does appear that the ones who have the view that it would cause damage would have damage from any ammo in the way they use all ammo. a sensible person who would shoot one in 5 and not overheat a barrel and clean their weapon after use would never know the difference in barrel wear. of course a sensible person would also be sure and only use where it would be impossible to set anything on fire as well.
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    Chamber and barrel temperatures are no hotter than regular rounds. Military tracers don't start burning until they are well out of your barrel, so until then they act like a regular bullet.

    In US and NATO standard ammunition, this is usually a mixture of strontium compounds (nitrate, peroxide,...) and a metal fuel such as magnesium.
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