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  1. i bought an american firearms derringer yesterday, it is 38 special, high polished stainless steel, imitation ivory grips, new in the box. blue book said its worth 200.00 used in 100%. it also said that american firearms is out of business. also said derringer was made 1972-1974 amd less than 4000 were made. i gave a davis chrome long bore derringer and $125.00 for it. feels and looks much better than a davis. looks to be on equal quality with american derringer.polish on stainless is like a mirror. does anybody know any info on the company and anything in general about the derringer.
    thanks blackhawkkid223
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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Blackhawk, the derringer was likely addressed in San Antonio, Tx, and, if early, had a sand cast finish,to it. If memory serves me correctly, Warfield drive, in San Antonio!!!
    Product of an old, dead, friend, Bob Saunders, who re-located, and re-named his business, in the late '70's, to Waco, tx, as the American Derringer Co, then he died. His wife. Elizabeth, continues to run the business. Really nice lady!
    The pistol is worth $200, and I have not even seen it; if it is nice, I'd go close to $300!
    They are too heavy to carry, regularly, and not real accurate, but a lot better than a sharp stick, should trouble arise, exactly as the original!
    PM me if you'd like more info, either on the company, or the weapon.

  3. this on is serial number 206xx, it is high polished stainless, you can read in the finish, please send me any and all info on company and derringer if its not to much trouble. send to
    its easier to print out from an email. thanks
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