'American Police Force' in Hardin, MT?...

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    Has anyone else seen or heard about this yet? I heard about it on the radio today and was frankly a bit freaked out about it. :confused::eek:

    From http://www.kulr8.com/news/local/62465902.html

    Why would this group ride into town with 'Hardin Police' symbols on their vehicles? :confused:

    Here's another article from the AP... :eek:

    From http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ifOx0LPKy5B_0KAyPHyNTEqdQz6QD9AOHIIO1

    Am I just being paranoid or is this something VERY bad? :(
  2. Barry's private jackboots, maybe? His national security force? What's the big secret about these people?

    I smell violations of our rights approaching. But then, I guess I'm just a paranoid, racist, right-wing, nutjob, bitter clinger:rolleyes:

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    I found this in a cached file, so I don't know how the link will be good for.

    Gazette Opinion: Extreme caution warranted on Hardin jail deal

    Posted: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 12:00 am | (25) Comments
    Font Size:Default font sizeLarger font size The promises are simply incredible: $2.6 million in annual payments for 10 years for the use of the Two Rivers Authority jail in Hardin, plus an investment of $23 million in a new police and security forces training facility on the Two Rivers property, low- or medium-risk prisoners from the United States in Hardin by early next year with the local economic development organization getting a per prisoner per day payment, plus a homeless shelter, computers for schools, city police officers, narcotics officers, Mercedes patrol cars, free community use of a CT scanner, food for the poor and an animal shelter.

    Yet the desperate promoters of the new, unused jail in Hardin have seized on these promises as a gamble worth taking. The new jail, built to create jobs in this small town, has been empty since it was completed two years ago; $27 million in bonds are in default. Two Rivers Authority, the city tax-supported economic development organization is running out of money. And just days after announcing the amazing deal with American Police Force, the authority's volunteer board of directors placed its executive director, Greg Smith, on paid administrative leave with no public explanation.

    The American Police Force Web site was first registered in May, a couple of weeks after the Two Rivers Authority gained national notoriety for announcing it wanted to house prisoners now locked up in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. That bid for inmates brought immediate warnings from Montana's entire congressional delegation and U.S. Marshal Dwight MacKay, who united in saying that the high-security international prisoners, including suspected terrorists, should not be put in a low- to medium-security jail in rural Montana.

    Did that "Montana Gitmo" publicity lead to the mysterious American Police Force to Hardin?

    Federal officials have said they know nothing about the American Police Force contract nor about housing federal prisoners in Hardin. The market for housing state prisoners has contracted in the recession. The state of Montana isn't adding prison capacity in this biennium. At least 26 states have cut corrections spending in their fiscal 2010 budgets and at least 17 are closing prisons or reducing inmate populations, according to the Vera Institute on Justice as reported in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

    So where would prisoners come from if this private firm were to lock up people in the Hardin jail?

    Despite good intentions, the Two Rivers Authority directors are delaying a necessary public discussion and vetting of their new contractor. The sooner information is shared with the public on this odd deal, the better.



    During my search this site popped up in the number one slot, but I couldn't find any APF references in there. But if it showed up, it has to be there somewhere.

    1. USAJOBS - Homeland Readiness and Security [new window][preview][close preview]
      Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display them. Please click on the title of the document to see its content. [​IMG]USAJOBS is the official job site of the US Federal Government. It's your one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information.

      www.usajobs.gov/homeland.asp- Cached -More from this site

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    Can you say "Seig Hiel"?

    Time to lock and load!
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    I had heard that they were a consortium of the former 'Blackwater' and another group, 'Triple-something?'... :confused: I don't know how true that is?... :confused:

    The guy on the radio was indicating that some of them had a Serbian accent and that their logo was one which originated in Serbia. If true, that's very odd and scary... :eek:
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    Guys I just found this video. I just got wind of about two hours ago. My cousins in Billings caled me earlier tonight and said they were leaving. From the web site I picked up from the video the info is sketchey but from the news from the locals it is looking odd at best. My cousn and her husband are now on their way to Alabama becouse of this. He is a countractor in the area for a securiety company and he said the the firm involved in Hardn is also making bids on highend securiety jobs in the region also.

    Why would a company in Hardin be bidding securiety jobs in Billings? Where is this company APF based from anyway?
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    Yeah me too, so what's yer point?
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    Jan 23, 2009
    Why should we be concerned? If king BHO thinks we need a special police force then by golly we need one!


    Do you remember Hitler's SS?

  13. my brain is exploding.....
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