Amnesty bill vote down. Thank Senators who voted against, especially Ohio Senators

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    WE WIN!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    The Amnesty bill being rammed through the U.S. Senate has been defeated and given up for dead until at least 2008.

    Ohio's U.S. Senators Voinovich (republican) and Sherrod Brown (democrat) were on the wrong side of this bill to start. But on Thursday they voted to not limit debate on this horrible bill. If ever a bill needed continued debate it was this one. The backers wanted to slide this bill into America's back side. Debate was their enemy because it showed all the flaws of this bill.

    I checked out C-span right after the vote. It looked like the nay votes on cloture where about 45, the yea votes 53. Those wanting the bill to proced would need 60 yea votes to get it to move on due to Senate rules, so 45 nay votes were more than enough to stop it for now. But when the official vote came out it was 56 nay votes to 46 yea, an even better margin. Apparently their is some mechanism where Senators can change their votes. Once some senators saw the vote was doomed they switched their votes. I guess they figured why take the heat from the folks back home for a bill that was going to lose anyway.

    We need to call and write our U.S. Senators who were on the right side of this vote, and thank them. This bad idea will come back again. So we need to continue to make our voices heard!

    To contact your U.S. Senator:
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    Re: Amnesty bill vote down. Thank Senators who voted against, especially Ohio Senator

    I was going to start a thread like this, you beat me to it. :D

    They always hear from us when we are NOT happy, or are voicing our opinion on a bill.

    We do need to thank the ones that voted the right way.
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