Anchor and Flower Marking

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    IIRC the rear tang was part of it but I'm going to take another look. Its been a while since its been out of its place. I am positive however it is a 38. I also have a 99 and it is completely different. Well not completely but obvious differences. Definably not metford rifling. Very obvious lands and grooves but straight, no helical at all. The metal is poor on the receiver, like a last resort, even part of it broke off and went MIA. No AA sights and the front sight is gone thanks to someone that wanted to sporterize it ie my dad when he was 20. Good thing he didn't ever use it.
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    As always, pictures will help. Type 38's were all made under what amounted to peacetime conditions and none have the rough work and finish of the late Type 99 rifles. They all have the normal serial numbers and arsenal markings, plus the normal receiver ring marks, the three horizontal lines for "3", the ") (" symbol for "8" and the "type" or "model" symbol, and the chrysanthemum if not ground. The top tang behind the receiver is always a separate part from the receiver itself.

    Training rifles vary. I have three training rifles, all different. One is a close copy of the Type 38, with a nice one-piece stock and good finish. But the bolt has no locking lugs at all, using the bolt root for its only lock. The other two have small locking lugs; one is a copy of the Type 38, the other is configured to look like a Type 99.

    On all training rifles I have seen, the rear top tang is part of the receiver; on some training rifles the barrel boss (the thick part around the chamber) is also cast as part of the receiver, with a steel tube screwed into it to simulate a barrel.


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