And the sadness sets in...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bobitis, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Jun 30, 2011
    So sorry for your loss of a good friend. I have a reaal good friend who is an LEO in Florida. There are times when it is real hard to get in touch with him and I always catch myself worrying about him.
  2. Bobitis

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    Without going into details, it was just a few days after the shooting that the family was notified that Officer Mundell would not survive. They let Kent live through Christmas in order to give friends a chance to say goodbye.

    The Memorial is here if yer interested. Scroll down to his memorial and click on it. It loads right away. It's a long presentation (3 hrs), but if you've never seen one like it, you've no idea how much these Officers respect each other. They've come from all over the country (and other countries for that matter) to show their respect for the fallen.

    My brother speaks at about 1 hr, 42 minutes. It's kinda funny really. The laughter before the pause so to speak.
  3. Bobitis

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    Just to be clear.

    I never met Officer Mundell. All I know is he was my brothers partner, and they loved each other to the end. They took the job knowingly. Good or bad.

    Here's one with brother Jim that pretty much sums it up. 3 partners murdered, but ya gotta suck it up. Life goes on.

    So for all the cop haters out there... It must be sad to be you. :(

    Thanks for your time my friends.

    May God bless you all, and have a very merrry Christmas!
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