Angel Fire

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    I rarely post here but thought I'd share.I recently made a long delayed trip to the Viet Nam Memorial located in Angel Fire New Mexico. It was before official opening time so I was the only one there. The mist was falling just enough to make it surround me like a cloak and have a chilling yet comforting effect. The clouds were so low you could actually touch them.

    As I approached the building I fully expected it to be locked; to my surprise it was open, something not normally experienced in this day and age. I entered not knowing exactly what to expect.

    For all the words in the English language, I can not express the feeling which came over me. In that tiny space it was as if the spirit of all my fellow soldiers who had visited and those who died in that hell hole were present; both to share my moment and to let me know that it was alright that I had taken so long to finally make the pilgrimage. In the chapel like setting are a few seats all of which have tissue boxes at the ready, I now know why.

    To describe a feeling between rage, sorrow, remorse, and yes thanks is not in my vocabulary. It is, without doubt, the most profoundly emotional experience of my life. The trip is one which I would encourage all of my fellow vets to make. There is a visitors center which is very informative, I’m told, and that too will be on my next stopover.

    Thanks for your ear as I needed to share this experience with those of you who’ve “been there”.

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    Thank you sir for sharing this very emotional and spiritual setting with me. One of these days soon I will definately have to make the trip myself to this place of healing because from what you have described I feel it is something most definately needed for this old warrior of that era.

    "Welcome Home Sir"


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    That was a very touching synopsis that you shared with us Smoky---thank you. It was not that long ago another Veteran wrote about the Angel Fire site---I recall because I sent a check at an address he listed for us to help with their mission. Remarks such as yours Smoky, are worthy for us all to abide with--to have shared your feelings and if we happen to go there an experince comparable ones, we won't feel so alone. Perhaps I'm not saying that right---I know for myself, since I have started reading and listening to other Viet Vets experiences, that I don't feel as much like I'm so all alone with my bad dreams and other hangups from the war. Take care---best regards to you and yours--stop by and visit now and then if it fits for you. Wilborn

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    Thank you for your kind words.

    I can only describe the experience as a near epiphany. Perhaps it was the solitude, but I was NOT alone, the spirit of thousands held me erect as I paid tribute.


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    Re: Angel Fire
    Thumbs Up Smokey, good to see you here too!
    TFF VMBB Email Tac

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    Just read something interesting---perhaps it is a new quote--or an old one---does it matter now:


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    Reply Have to say...
    Your words touched me deeply. I know that how I look upon a such a place as Angel Fire is very different from how you perceive it, and yet as we both understand the importance and meaning behind it, you, and many here, have a deeper and more personal attachment to it.

    I have never been there, but have heard of its power and beauty. I'm glad you were able to see it in person and share your experience with all of us.

    I hope to see it one day myself and pay tribute...

    Again, thanks for sharing... thanks for your service... welcome home.
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