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    The Bible gives us many verses concerning angels, and guardian angels in particular. I've read and heard countless testimonials of believers being aided or rescued by strangers, stories they couldn't account for. Here's mine.

    Houston, Texas, March 1994. I was heading north on 610, chugging up the massive Houston Ship Channel bridge in a company van, when the engine began to stutter. I looked down at the gauges - no gas. I hadn't even bothered to check it when I left the shop. I was literally pounding the steering wheel, urging the van to get to the top of that bridge. If you've never been over it... well, it's a mighty big bridge, several lanes on each side, and probably the highest point of all the roads in Houston. I made it to the top in the right lane, in brutal traffic, and decided to see how far I could coast. Eased into neutral, did some light braking, and down I went for a couple of miles. (Pulling into the emergency lane on that bridge would be like stopping in the middle of the chariot race in Ben-Hur.) I made it to the first exit, a long curved road off to the right that came back around to a stoplight at a street that ran under 610.

    There wasn't a gas station in sight, and this wasn't a neighborhood I cared to be in.

    I got out of the van and walked forward til I was at the street, looking up and down both ways for a minute or two. Nothing. So I turned around to walk the few feet back to the van, and there was a weathered, ancient black man trudging towards me with a gas can. He had apparently arrived in a VW bug that looked like Joseph's coat of many colors, every panel a different hue of paint and rust. I was trying to figure out how he had pulled that beater up behind me without me hearing him - not a single other vehicle had exited and come up to the stoplight.

    "You need some gas," he said. It was a statement, not a question. He popped the fuel door and emptied his one-gallon can into the van, all the while with me thanking him and telling him how much I appreciated it. I tried to give him ten dollars and he just waved me off. "See if it'll start," he said next. I hopped in the seat, fired it up, and got out to thank him.

    And he was gone.

    No old black man, no VW bug.

    There was nowhere for him to go but to pull out around me, up to the light, and then turn left or right. I wasn't in the van more than ten seconds, and there's simply no way I would have missed him passing me in that ancient Bug.

    I was obviously shaken. I hopped back in and made my way into Jacinto City, to the first gas station I could find.

    Later that night I told my wife, "I met my guardian angel today, and to my surprise, he turned out to be an old black man."

    Anyone else have a personal story of angels?
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    Dec 17, 2011
    S.W Virginia
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    Jul 10, 2011
    Kinda weird but nice to hear of. makes ya wonder dont it?
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    Oct 22, 2010
    there is another reality besides the physical world... i have seen one with my physical eyes, and several with the spiritual eyes, and a few while asleep in my dreams... never seen the dark ones (demons), and don't really want to, have seen them working in people though...
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    Juker I can personally attest that there are lots of angels in Texas. But that's another story.

    Throughout my life there have been a number of times when looking back on some circumstance I have been amazed that I survived with life or limb. It always seems to me like maybe God had some purpose for my life though that purpose is often not clear.
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    Back In 1986 in Oregon, I was deer hunting and shot a nice buck. I forgot and left my hunting knife in the truck where my father was waiting so I decided to take a shortcut to get back to the truck so I could get the knife. Well, that was a mistake! To make a long story short, after realizing I was lost I was starting to get a little panicky, but I was also determined to get to a road somewhere, I didn't care where as long as I could get to a road. My mind was set on staying calm but yet I was scared at the same time. Scared that I would have to spend the night or maybe longer in the woods, Lost!

    I then started to pray and my mind became clearer and I started evaluating for a point of direction to head to and then and I saw this tall tree a few miles in the distance and something told me to head for that tree and not to go any other direction. The tree looked different from the others and almost glowed it seemed. I could see that tree the whole time throughout the miles I had trudged and I came to the last hill to climb before reaching it where I had lost site of it from the brush. When I topped the hill 4 hours after becoming lost I came out on a road.

    I looked everywhere for that tree and it was GONE! As if it was never there. I know for a fact that God had been looking out for me. Within 2 minutes a hunter and his wife drove up and took me all the way back to where I was and my father was there waiting for me. He had contacted friends and family and they where up there looking for me. But I really do believe that God and his angels helped me that day. In this situation my prayer was answered by God, and his angels were used to deliver me from those woods that day.

    I had gone 7 miles from where I was in some of the roughest terrain I had ever encountered on foot. By the way I did go back and fetched my deer just before dark. :D Oh, and my sister gave birth to her 3rd child that day (October 26th 1986)
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    GREAT stories!!
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