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Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Jay, May 14, 2003.

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    It is, yes. It's an odd, thin one but I got some rings that clamp on there fine. I might tap it for a weaver rail later on.

    Here's a decent pic collection showing the receiver pretty well.

    Yeah otherwise I have no holes for attaching the two screws the normal ones use. Unless I Jimmyrig it with some arcwelding or something, but frankly I'd like to avoid that :)


    EDIT: Damn if it's not purdier that way though!!!

    Jeez Jay you don't have a Romanian yet??!! It'll hold its own with those Mossies pretty well, but it's like 1/3 the price. Viva le my decision to pick one up :D. Trade one of those mossies in and grab one, spend the extra 150 bucks on yourself! :D

    If any others have any info on how to attach one of these rigs to a rifle, shoot me some info, or email me it's in the profile.

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  2. z537z

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    Yeah ok ok, just a thought, man! Jeez no wonder your collection looks so museum quality, your standards run higher than the women who keep turning me down. And that's some kinda high standard ;).

    I just love these late-night gun talks, haha.

    Thanks for your help Jay, and damn fine shootin back a few weeks ago w/ those peep sights. At least I think that was you.

    Wait, I might have a shotgun (Nice old Savage Automatic 12ga.) coming to me. Close range critter accuracy problem solved! :D


  3. Jay

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    Mar 26, 2003
    don't say arcweld . Not nice to do to a rifle. When you have your rings mounted on the receiver, look from the rear of the rifle at the contact surfaces where the bottom side of the receiver groove meets the upper side of the ring rail. Make sure those surfaces meet flush. I've heard some guys say that most European grooved receivers are 11mm as opposed to 3/8". Along that same line, some European grooves are cut at a 60 degree angle, where the US uses 45 degrees. If those surfaces don't meet properly, stability may suffer.

  4. z537z

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    Why I'm considering a weaver.

    I hear Romanian "grooves" vary in style, but mine for some reason is 90 degrees. I am not kidding. It's not back-cutat all. So I got some pretty boosey rings cranked on there real good. It's darn stable for now but I gotta watch it.

    Of course I have some infinitely handy ridges on the top of my "groove" too, so I'd have to grind those down (there's another word you don't want to say!) to securely snug a rail on there. And by Rail I mean like 2 1" sections of rail, as I gotta get around the bolt, balance the scope on there over the adjustement knobs, and still clear the safety (I had to punch teh rear sight getting that back in is going to stink a WHOLE lot).

    Ah well, I got the attention to detail to do it. Just not the money.

    I still don't know how those side-mount (or so they look) peep sights attach. Do you need the screwholes there? I'm not real hot into drilling and tapping a round reciever that's a fraction of an inch from my bolt...

  5. Jay

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    Mar 26, 2003
    I'd suggest you not alter the grooves on top unless you absolutely need to.

    Give this stuff a look and see what you think. Very solid and very simple and not all that expensive.

    On this one I'm gonna go dream about what I'm gonna shoot with the newest M12.

  6. z537z

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    Nice talkin Jman!

    Haha so much for this thread


    EDIT: Great link, thanks! I got those .6" rings (something like em) I think. Good stuff, cheapo but work real well.
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