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  1. alexsbuddy

    alexsbuddy New Member

    Aug 27, 2006
    I am trying to find out more information on a 12 gauge shotgun, pump action that has the following stamped on the left side of the reciever:

    Western Field
    Montgomery Ward & Co

    Other markings include:

    Browning Patent
    12 Gauge Proof Tested

    It is SN# 393xx.

    It looks a lot like a Savage/Stephens 520.

    Any information would be truly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It should be a Western Field Model 50
    Exc. shape $200
    Good shape $140

  3. alexsbuddy

    alexsbuddy New Member

    Aug 27, 2006
    My information shows that the Western Field Model 50 was actually a Glenfield Model 60. Since the Glenfield Model 60 is a 22 cal rifle, I don't think this is the gun.

    I am fairly certain that it is a Western Field Model 30 which is a Savage/Stephens 520. Any idea of approx. year of production with a serial number of 393xx?
  4. I currently don't have any kind of list with the info you need someone else here might.
  5. lead

    lead Well-Known Member

    May 16, 2004
    Exact info on these seems to be hard to come by. I had one years ago and wish I had kept it. It is based on a Savage, that was based on a Browning design. To the best of my knowledge they were made from the 1910's to the late 1930's. I have seen the Savage model, which is identical to the Western Field, with U.S. property marks on it. It was being sold as a WWI trench gun.
    Is yours a take down model? Most that I have seen are.
    Again, I haven't seen any exact record of serial numbers, so we only get a ballpark idea of when it was made. I run across them in pawn shops alot and they all seem to still be in good working order. But what would you expect from something Mr. Browning designed?
  6. alexsbuddy

    alexsbuddy New Member

    Aug 27, 2006
    I am not sure if it is a takedown gun or not, but will look at it more closely tomorrow. I believe it is, but want to be sure. I met a older gunsmith in the bookstore today and I am going to take it down to his shop in the morning to have him help me identify it better. I can't tell the difference between a Savage 520 and a 520A so I am hoping he can. Best that I can tell without him looking at it more closely is that it was definitely made after 1926 as that is when Stevens started using a liquid dip blueing process instead of the rust blueing process and the pump operating handle is cross-etched. Up to 1926 the pump operating handle was plain....or so I am told. I am guessing that it was manufactured in 1927.
  7. alexsbuddy

    alexsbuddy New Member

    Aug 27, 2006
    Took it to the gunsmith yesterday and its definitely a Stevens 520 made for Montgomery Wards under the brand name of Western Fields Model 30. Manufactured in 1930 (best guess of gunsmith). And it is a "take down" gun. He showed me the correct way to do it. Impressively easy.
  8. Thom

    Thom New Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Today a customer brought me a Western Field Model 50 12 gauge pump shotgun to look over. It is most certainly NOT a Glenfield Model 60 like the Numrich Manufactures crossover list implies. Perhaps Wards mistakenly used the same model number twice. It is a takedown shotgun with the locking lug visible/exposed in battery a breach/barrel block that slides down out of the receiver after the tube is rotated to cam out a lock. It also has "Browning Patent" on the barrel and a five digit serial number in the 29xxx range. The barrel is cracked just forward of the lug and obviously scored by steel shot down the full length. He would like to return the gun to service if possible so I need to find the correct barrel for it. Since Numrich does not post pictures or schematics of many of these older guns any help Identifying the exact manufature/model would be a great help.


    Thom Vinson
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