Any Viet Nam Era Snipers

Discussion in 'Vietnam Memories Forum' started by nadroj, Mar 26, 2012.

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    Feb 14, 2009
    It seems, for some reason, that every couple of weeks or so I run in to someone that served in Viet Nam as a sniper. Since I dont know that much about it I dont want to be rude and confront someone when what they say sounds a little off. Maybe some real vets out there, who know, can tell me what kind of sniper rifle was used and a few details about ammo and tactics.
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    What you brought up about the snipers is very common in other respects also..There are those who claim some feat or experience and you just have to realize as they speak their claims to fame or whatever, things aren't as that person claims...I often wear my Vietnam Vet Seabee cover...not too long ago at Home Depot, a fellow stopped me and wanted to visit about Vietnam.. Like you said, you don't want to rain on some poor souls parade so you listen...I must have mentioned something about building 'hootches' for the Marines.....he didn't 'comp' the word, hootch... ...that kind of clinched it for me that there was something amiss with this person...Chief
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    Reminds me of the quote but I forgot who said it. There were 500 SEAL's in Vietnam and I've met all 2000 of them. (If you know who said that, please let me know so they can get credit for the quote as it is not mine).
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