Anybody have the big V done

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cowdoc, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. cowdoc

    cowdoc New Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    My wife suggested that i get it done i have been deadset against it ...that nobody no how is getting down there with a knife but have done some reading on it about no scaple method ect ect maybe doesnt sound quite so bad ..already have four kids and I know another pregnacy for my wife would be a major problem...dont really know anybody that has had it done to talk too as the how and whats about lets hear it......... I am still up in the air about and ins doesnt cover it and sounds like it cost around 3000.00 around here seems little high for a procedure that only takes a few minutes.
  2. searcher5

    searcher5 New Member

    Apr 14, 2004
    S.E. Kansas
    My first wife wanted me to get it done. I had cut way too many calves to even consider it. (shudder)

  3. Mabooger

    Mabooger New Member

    Apr 26, 2004
    N.W. Pa.
    ok I'm sure a woman's view point is NOT what you were hoping for :eek: :D but ........

    I didn't feel a thing when my ex had it done ;) I told them I wanted to go in with him "breath honey, just breeeeeeeeath, it doesn't hurt" :D

    Seriously - he was up & walking around in no time, some swelling but nothing major & was able to golf in less than a week. :rolleyes:

    Now for the flip side, I had a tubal after Pa & I got married (5 was more than enough :eek: ). Hurt like a son of a gun for weeks, no lifting for 2-3.
    Then this last summer when I was having all my problems & ended up having a hysterectomy they found a cyst/large adhesions where they had tied my tube 4 years before. I have heard of several women since then that have had alot of problems after a tubal.

    So my vote is save your wife the pain ( she's been thru labor 4 times ) It's your turn :eek: ;) :D
  4. papaw al

    papaw al New Member

    May 16, 2004
    eastern ohio
    Don't know anything about the laser procedure.Had it done the knife way about 20 years ago and had no problems.All ya need is an ice bag,couch,and a pillow for a couple of days.(A compasionate wife helps also)Do what the doc advises and you shouldn't have any problems.On the other hand,my brother-in-law thought he would be tough and go to work the same day.He ended up in bed for about a week.The doctors used to do the procedure right in the doctors office.Don't know if they still do or not. :eek: Good luck. Al
  5. cowdoc

    cowdoc New Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Searcher5....I hear ya i have also cut many many bull calves.lambs and many to count. dont think its quite as bad as that ...catch, throw brand, cut and vacinate a calve in around a minute or less ....i'm think they dont quite do that with a V :eek: kinda hurts just think about it :eek:

    Yea, Ma your right but Damn :eek: ps plus doing nothing much for a week would be very hard in my profession
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  6. JamesRK

    JamesRK New Member

    Hay cowdoc, you mentioned the no scalpel method. You know them rubber bands you use to turn a bull into a steer? That’s the no scalpel method. :D
  7. Chorkie

    Chorkie New Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    No big deal really. I had it done in '99. Much easier and safer and less expensive for the guy to get fixed. Didn't cause any "manly" problems,it's nice not to have to fumble with other means of contraceptives and gives peace of mind.
  8. Mabooger

    Mabooger New Member

    Apr 26, 2004
    N.W. Pa.
    Cowdoc - can't really remember the restrictions but he had it done outpatient Fri & went to work (machinist) Monday. You probably won't be laid up that long.

    compationate wife :confused: what's that :confused:
    atleast he won't have to get up & do a 1AM and a 4AM feeding after his procedure :D :p

    BTW - Pa refused to have to done :mad:
    Said it was the only part of his body that didn't have a scar & he was keeping it that way :p
  9. Mans point of view, mine any way, NO WAY, NO HOW, NOT HAPPENING in this household!! My luck is I would find a Doc who uses a scapel and let it slip then I would be called stumpy for the rest of my life! :eek: Seriously, I know several that have had it done with no adverse reactions in their life style but my Uncle had it done 10 or so years ago and he says he has not felt "right" since? H does seem to be more tired and less active as to energy but there again it couldd be just him! IMHO I will not do it.
  10. cowdoc

    cowdoc New Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    James, i know of what you speak of....we always used a knife to take care of business on animals think knife sounds better than having things pinched off with a rubber band till the fell off..

    papaw al, they do it in the clinic sounds like....the hospital is a Catholic one and they wont do the procedure there.

    Chorkie, how long did it lay you up? that one issue with me.
  11. Chorkie

    Chorkie New Member

    Jan 9, 2005
    "Chorkie, how long did it lay you up? that one issue with me."
    I had it done on a Thur am and went back to work the following Mon ( I was a sales/service driver at the time and did have to lift stuff) I took it as easy as possible that week and didn't have any problems.
  12. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    Ya'll are making me weak!

    Hush already! :D

    *Locks thread*

    Doh! wrong forum! :D

    A word of warning, nicknames sometimes stick hard, we know a guy who went from his respectable birth name of Nolan to "Neutered Nolan" over night and has been such for 15 years.

  13. TRAP55

    TRAP55 Active Member

    Let's see, Powder River Shute, sharp box cutter, Blue Wonder Dust, and a band aid! I work cheap Cowdoc! ;) :D
  14. Redneck

    Redneck New Member

    Have ya thought about abstinance?? :D Think I spelled that right

    I didn't have the cut done but I'm gonna "one up" some of you on a painfull issue with "the boys". I used to wake up with a feeling of someone having hoofed me in the crotch while I was sleeping, I would get up and walk it off, usualy went away after awhile. Well one moring I woke up and once again I thought my wife had clobbered me in my sleep (she is evil enough to do that), got up and walked around, but instead oif the pain going away it got worse. Thru the morning I had gone from a slight limp to walking on needles, next thing I knew I had to go #2, tried but no movement, even the slightest push brought tears. Later on in the day as the pain became unbearable I began to pass out, then I would get the heaves and pass out again. Last time I tried to go from the bedroom to the living room I was crawling on my elbows dragging my lower body behind me. IF I could ever try to think what it would feel llike to be shot I think it would not have hurt as bad as this. Anyhow, I had passed out in the living room, when I woke up I was in an ambulance, got to the hospital and after some tests and good medicating shots :D I remember being in a room with dim lights, 4 or 5 people standing around me and my hero was exposed, looked up and recognized and ultra sound machine, they was using it on me. As I was trying to stay awake to hear what was going on I remember the doc getting on the phone and telling someone to get emergency ER ready, I thought to myself, musta been a bad accident or something, somebody is needing an operation, then he said my name!! Now a little history for you, I am a big sissy, I hate needles, I am scared of pain, I am scared to death to have an operation, they gave me a couple shots when I got to the hospital but thru the pain I didn't really feel them but now he wants to operate on me and I don't know why! Not too long after that the doc comes to my bed and starts explaining to me what is going on. It seems that a birth defect has caught up with me, called a Testicular Torsion. Now without trying to sound like a pervert I'll try to explain this in an adult manner :D The nuggets are suppoed to be connected to the rear of the holding tank (I'm not a doc and am not up on the correct terms here!) but mine however are not connected. What hass been going on is they have been tangling up(LITERALY!) causing the pain, when I would get up an walk they would untangle but this day they did not, they wrapped up tight! This had caused all the muscles in my lower body to tighten up, my large intestine had become pinched in the muscles, this caused the constipation. I was passing out from the poisens in my intestines and bladder, here I was slowly croaking! Doc said that if I had not come to the hospital I would have been dead in a few day. Anyhow, time to operate, took me down and stuck me with a gigantic faucet (IV) and begun to really juice me up, did a spinal tap on me which I thought was cool once it was done, ALL THE PAIN WENT AWAY RIGHT NOW! Doc told me that one of the boys appeared on the ultra sound to have suffered a fatal experiance and that there was the possibility of me "not having a pair" anymore but untill he got in there he was not 100% sure. Anyhow, the operation went well, I still have a pair, they still work because little Kenny would not have gotten here if they didn't (unless his Mommy got something she needs to tell me). The pain was totaly unbearable, doc told me I have experianced child birth pain, my "pair" almost killed me, so after being thru all that I see no reason why the big V would be a big deal! Get it done and be a man!! BTW, three days after my operation I was wearing loose sweats, no underwear, sitting on a big soft pillow driving my KW to FL! Cowboy Up Cowdoc!
  15. Craig

    Craig New Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    Central Pa.
    I had iy done in1977. A little swelling for 3 days, then I was good to go.
    DO IT
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