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  1. TheOldOne

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    Feb 4, 2011
    The 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug gun is one hell of a deer getter. I've hunted deer in South Jersey for more decades than I care to remember and I've used a number of shotguns during that time. Prior to NJ allowing the use of slugs for hunting deer, it really did not matter what shotgun you used because buckshot is very forgiving. Since the change to allow slugs however, it matters much more what gun you use. Again, I've used a number of dedicated slug guns. First was a Remington 870 . . . a good gun but not what I call a tack-driver. Next, I went with a Mossberg 500 based on a friend’s recommendation but I found this to be less accurate than the Remington 870. Then I went back to Remington with an 11-87 - again, a good gun but not a true tack-driver either. Now all of these guns had rifled barrels and cantilevered scope mounts. While helping my grandson sight in his gun at our local range early last fall, I watched an acquaintance shoot 3 consecutive 3-shot groups at 100 yds that were all either single jagged holes or cloverleaf groups. He was using a 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug gun. Oh yes, I had seen the occasional cloverleaf 3-shot group before with slugs but never three in a row. I asked him if he had anything special done to the gun but he said no, he had not. I went out that night and purchased a 12 Ga. H&R Ultra Slug for myself, a new 3 to 9 power Nikon SlugHunter scope, and a LimbSaver recoil pad for it. The gun dealer mounted and bore sighted the scope for me and the next day found me back at that same range. I had picked-up a couple of 25 round boxes of 3" Federal Hydra Shok slugs that were on sale for $26.00 a box and they went to the range with me. It only took me two shots to get on the bull at 25 yds. and another two to get on the bull at 50 yds. The Nikon SlugHunter scope should have the center crosshairs set to shoot 50 yds and have circular aim points for 100, 150, and 200 yds beneath the regular crosshairs. After putting a 3-shot group dead center bull at 50 yds, I moved to the 100 yd. portion of the range and shot from the sandbagged bench rest there. I simply used the 100 yd. aim point and to my utter amazement my first three shot group was a dead center cloverleaf. Our range only goes to 100 yds so I was not able to test at 150 or 200 yds. that day. Since I hunt Maryland with a friend pretty much every year, I had wanted to test my Ultra Slug at those farther distances. We hunt my friend’s farm in Maryland and my tree-stand offers possible shots to 200 yds and a mite more. Before the season opened, I managed to test my Ultra Slug at 150 and 200 yds using the aim points and found that my groups had opened up some but were still well within deer killing tolerances with 3" groups at 150 yds and 4" groups at 200 yds. I killed a nice spike in South Jersey on opening day there and a beautiful 9-point in Maryland on opening day there as well. The Maryland 9-point was taken at a ranged 144 yds. and was the longest slug-gun shot I had ever taken and that buck dropped stone dead without moving an inch. I have two recommendations: get and use a good rangefinder and get a relatively high power scope for those longer shots. If you are wondering if I would recommend the H&R Ultra Slug . . . what do you think? I have never seen any slug-gun shoot like the H&R Ultra Slug does right out of the box.
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    I agree with those posters who recommend the LimbSaver recoil pads and the 3x9 Nikon SlugHunter scope with the BDC reticule but my Ithaca Deerslayer III shoots every bit as good as the H&R Ultra Slug does. Granted, it costs $1,100.00 where the Ultra Slug cost $235.00 but I have the back-up shots if needed and that makes the extra bucks seem worth it to me. I guess it depends on your own comfort zone and mine is with the extra shot availability. If the H&R Ultra Slug wasn't a single shot, I probably would have bought one rather than my Deerslayer III.
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  3. SlugThrower

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    Feb 7, 2011
    I respect your opinion re: everyones comfort zone BigSnore and there is no question that the Ithaca Deerslayer III is one really good DSG. That said, I believe your comfort zone (regarding the need for quick backup shots) might change if, like me, you had killed every one of the 13 deer you shot at (with an Ultra Slug) with quick 1-shot kills. My 12 Ga. Ultra Slug prefers 3" Federal Hydra Shok sabot slugs and every one of those 13 deer dropped where they stood. I mean that they did not move an inch. I have also had the opportunity to hunt bear in New Brunswick. I switched to Brenneke Black Magic clugs for bear. I hunted from a treestand located 75 ft. from the bait barrel and again, the 275 lb. bear dropped with a single passthru shot from my Ultra Slug, with it's spine cut cleanly by the slug. Now just one more thing - I also own an Ithaca Deerslayer III and it is a beautiful gun that shoots very well. However, my H&R Ultra Slug shoots just a bit better at less than 1/5 the price. It isn't nearly as pretty and it doesn't offer a quick backup shot but I still go for the Ultra Slug every time when hunting from a stand. That is my personal comfort zone. Good luck Big Snore - regardless of what you choose to hunt with.
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    If that is what you can afford then go for it, if not savage bolt action 20 gauge shotgun or the mossberg slug gun with the fluted barrel:D
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    Mar 20, 2011
    I have owned and hunted with a 12 Ga. H&R UltraSlug for the last 4 years. I regularly hunt farms owned by family members in three states (NJ, PA, and MD). My UltraSlug has accounted for 11 deer in the 4 years I have owned it. The shots made to take those deer ranged from 35 yds out to 148 yds. All 11 deer dropped within 20 feet of where they stood when first hit. Most never moved an inch.

    Since breaking my leg in a farming accident 7 years ago, I always hunt from tree stands and always use a range finder. All three of my tree stands are located in the back corner of fields with pretty open views so I can take advantage of the distance shooting capabilities of the UltraSlug. My UltraSlug shoots the Federal Barnes Expander (non-tipped variety) best and I know from experience that it is absolutely deadly out to 150 yds. At 150 yds, my UltraSlug will shoot 3-shot groups under 3 1/2" (center to center) all day long from a sandbagged benchrest. Sometimes even grouping under 3" at that range.

    I would absolutely recommend the H&R 12 Ga. UltraSlug to anyone. It is a real tack-driver. I would also recommend getting and using a good rangefinder and learning how your UltraSlug shoots at different distances and under different wind conditions. I used to hunt with a Mossberg 500 but one session at my range convinced me to keep the mossberg as a home defense gun and use the UltraSlug for deer hunting.

    I have heard that the H&R UltraSlug in 20 Ga. has had some failed-to-fire problems. Well, I know 3 other men who own and use the 12 Ga. variety of the UltraSlug and none of them have ever had a failed-to-fire incident and neither have I. By the way, my brother (who is one of the 3 other UltraSlug owners I know) killed a 10 point last season at a ranged 203 yds. with his UltraSlug and it died where it stood when hit.
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    What is this? I've never seen so many newbies post on one subject, and all in a row! I have enjoyed reading these though. I can't add to the thread really, I just shoot a smooth bore.
  7. Jim Hauff

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    H&R is becoming a big part of this forum - well maybe not big - but significant. Google is our friend.
  8. Strikenmike

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    Aug 11, 2010
    Great shooting guns. I have the 20 gauge. Never missed, or lost a deer. SHOOT THEM DIRTY....THIS IS A MUST. Also, consider Lightfield slugs; they are all I use.
  9. Zane71464

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    I give'em an A+!
    I havent read much or seen much on them as of late for whatever reason, but give credit where credit is due, good guns!
  10. HnRhandifanatic

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    Aug 16, 2011
    Western new york
    I think you will find many of hnr guns will be picky with ammo and yes there customer service is not the greatest but after owning multiple models including this one I have fallen in love with accuracy
  11. Zane71464

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    ..that's what got my undivided attention from the get-go!
    I dont claim to be "shotgun" kinda guy much of the time, but this one was spot on the 1st time I fired that bad boy!!!:);)
  12. DC1951

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    Sep 16, 2011
    I realize that this is an older thread but I just ran across it so I thought I'd add my 2 cents worth.

    I bought an 12 Ga. H&R Ultraslug from my cousin real cheap ($75.00). He bought it and swore it wouldn't shoot worth squat. After asking a few questions I learned that he had only ever fired slugs from a box of old remington slugs his father had. He also was using an old .22 scope he had lying around rather than put any money into a good scope. I figured that he had created most of the problems he was faulting the Ultraslug with.

    I went to my local gun store and bought a box each of 5 different sabot slugs and a Nikon Slugmaster 3x9x scope. They bore sighted the scope for me where I bought it. I then visited my local range to see how bad a decision I had made buying the Ultraslug. My first shot was at 50 yds. and it hit 4" to the left and 5 " high. I made adjustments and my second shot was 2" high and 2 " to the right. I adjusted again and the third shot was right on the bull. I fired the remaining 2 slugs from that box of untipped Federal Barnes expanders and the resulting three shot group was a single jagged hole at 50 yds. I then tried a box of Remington copper solids and the results were almost exactly the same as with the Untipped Federal Barnes expanders. The Remington Accutip produced a similar group but appeared to hit about 2" higher than either the untipped Federal Barnes expanders or the Remington Copper solids. The lightfield exp's and the Brenneke K/O slugs all produces excellent groupings at 50 yds. Since the area I hunt has a maximum visibility of 50 to 60 yds and usually less, I never even tried my new Ultraslug at a further distance. When I brought the resulting targets to show my cousin, he didn't believe they were shot from the same gun he sold me. The following weekend found both of us back at the range. Now he insisted I shoot at 100 yds which was the distance he originally shot the gun at. I simply held at the 100 yd. aimpoint in the Nikon Slugmasters bdc Reticule and fired a three round group using untipped Federal Barnes exapnder sabots. The result was a cloverleaf on and just off of the bull at 11 oclock. My cousin paid for the box of slugs we shot that day and has since gone out and bought another H&R Ultraslug and a Nikon Slugmaster scope to use with it. Of course he almost choked when he found out what I had paid for the slugs and scope I was using but he agreed that it was "probably" worth it. He cringed a bit whan I told him that he really needed to spring for several different slugs to see which his gun liked best. Then I told him the truth . . . at the ranges where we hunted, any of the slugs I had tried would be just fine. I just had to pluck that cheap-o sting one more time! I got a great buy and he learned an expensive lesson.
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