Anyone make their own silencers?

Discussion in 'NFA Firearms & Related Items' started by Ranb, Jan 24, 2010.

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    RanB got a little bit argumentative. :rolleyes: He's now a "former member." Perhaps someone else will be able to answer your question, though.
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    Jul 10, 2009
    can anyone buy a silencer? thought u had to have special license or something
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    Feb 2, 2011
    WA USA
    I read some of ranb’s posts. Another forum member suggested that he abandon his silencer building idea because it could fetch him many years in a federal prison. Considering the effort he claimed to have put in submitting the proper tax stamp applications to remain legal, his efforts to promote silencer use and his multi-year campaign to make them legal to use in Washington State, I am not surprised that he was “argumentative”. Imagine how a person might feel if someone suggested that they were risking prison time for merely driving on a public road in their car.

    I have made a few silencers on my hobby lathe at home. A 22lr and 9mm so far. I am working on a 17 caliber suppressor for a rifle now.

    There is no license or permit required by the federal government to make, own buy or sell a suppressor. It is a simple matter of filling out a tax stamp application in duplicate, a form to certify yourself as a legal resident or citizen, two finger print cards, two passport sized photos and a check for $200. Anyone who can fill out the forms properly gets approval; after a long wait of 2-4 months now. Of course filling out the forms properly means they are allowed to own a gun and live in a state that allows suppressor ownership. The biggest hurdle for some is getting the local sheriff to sign the back of the ATF forms. Some people get around this by using a trust or corporation to own the suppressor or other title 2 firearm for them. No signature, fingerprints or photos required then. A person needs to be 18 to own a suppressor, 21 to have one transferred from a dealer.

    CT is one of the states that allows civilians to own suppressors without a license. There is a dealers list here but I do not know how up to date it is. Two of the best sites I have seen for suppressors are and . Lots of people buying or making suppressors post there.
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